A Guide On How Logo Placement Should Be Done

A small but significant portion of your company is represented by your logo. It ought to take center stage in your advertising campaigns. A logo is your badge, of course, but where you place it should be determined by the messaging, the content, and the action you want your audience to take. Consider your business card and logo to be similar. Depending on the circumstances, it may be more appropriate to give it to someone after engaging in a lengthy conversation than to leave it in the center of the table during a meeting. Context is important. We have created this brief guide to successful logo placement with that in mind. 

Best practices followed in logo placement

Therefore, there are a few best practices you should adhere to even though logo placement needs to be customized for the media you’re using and the effect you want to have on audiences. 


Your logo shouldn’t be positioned on the right side of your website. The Nielsen Norman Group’s study suggests that going left is the best option because most users glance straight to the left-hand corner of a website to find the logo. It may affect a visitor’s memory of your brand if it is located in the right-hand corner of your website. Furthermore, placing the navigation somewhere else could make it confusing for users who are accustomed to looking for it in the top corner of websites. 

Because the goal is to make the user’s experience as simple and intuitive as possible, top-left layout works best. That isn’t a strict rule, though. For your website, a centered logo might look good, especially if you want to project a sleek and lively vibe. 


In the same way, you should position your logo in the upper left or center of an email. In case the email is sufficiently lengthy, you can display the logo on both the top and bottom. This is a great way to showcase different iterations of your logo; perhaps start the email with an image and text and finish it with just the image. 

Documents and letters

Including a business logo in a letter or document gives it a polished appearance. Placing your logo on a letter or document is the same as on a website. Ideally, your logo should be positioned in the upper left corner or the middle of the page. Consider how your letter will display the logo. It shouldn’t be too tiny that it’s difficult to read or too big and distracting. Adjust the size so that it looks best and fits the space on the page. 

Spacing around the logo is another important consideration. You can see that there is enough room around the logo and the remainder of the letter in the two aforementioned examples. It’s crucial to leave enough space between sentences so that the reader can identify the letter’s sender right away.


Readability is the most crucial factor to take into account when choosing where to place your logo on a billboard. A billboard typically has a ton of images that could easily cover up your logo. Because of this, you should incorporate it into the overall design rather than sprinkling your logo randomly. A billboard’s lower half is a common location for a logo. 

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