A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Watches

The wristwatch dates back to 1812 and was usually worn by women because the timepieces were easily damaged.

However, by the 1880s, wristwatches became commonplace as the naval personnel started to use them throughout Europe. By World War I, wristwatches were issued to soldiers as a way to keep their hands free, and with the coming of mass production techniques, wristwatches became commonplace.

Now, different types of watches abound and convey the owner’s style or personality. Of course, with the advent of cellphones in everyone’s pockets, you don’t need the accessory as much for timekeeping, but as a style indicator, a wristwatch can speak loudly.

Also, a wristwatch can often perform in ways that a cellphone can’t!

In the following article, we’ll discuss the different types of watches and when you might want to wear them.

Analog and Digital Watches

An analog watch has your classic miniature clockface with an hour and minute hand. Often equipped with a second hand, these watches can have ordinal numbers or Roman numerals. These watches are run by a gear mechanism and can be wound or run via a battery.

There are many types of these watches for women as jewelry.

Digital watches have a display that reads out the time and is run by a simple microchip. These became ubiquitous by the 1980s and often have an alarm and can tell the date as well.

A digital watch is still a must-have for sports enthusiasts since it can be efficiently sealed against water and the elements.

Chronographs and Automatic Watches

A stopwatch is also known as a chronograph and is designed specifically for timing things. It usually has larger buttons for stopping, starting, and clearing the timing mechanism.

Chronographs are not the same as automatic watches. This refers to not so much the function of the watch as to how that watch is powered.

The power for an automatic watch’s mechanism comes from the movement of the wearer’s arm. A rotor spins, storing energy when you move your arm. When set down, an automatic watch will continue to keep time to up to 48 hours. You’ll find many a practical and affordable watch is automatic.

Pilot and Field Watches

These watches are usually streamlined, precise, and extremely rugged. Pilot or aviator watches are designed for toughness and were made fashionable by pilots in the Royal Air Force by flyboys in World War II.

You’d wear a field watch if you need a dependable timepiece that can handle the elements. You can also lay it flat on a map or next to a compass. There are many types of watches for men in these styles.

The SmartWatch

The smartwatch is generally a small computer that often communicates with the cellphone in your pocket. In this way, it has many of the communication features as your smartphone but with a smaller display and modified navigation.

Still, in their infancy, smartwatches are great for those on the go who want to stay connected. You may not want to look at your cellphone for the latest text, but you can take a peek at your watch!

Smartwatches are also handy fitness trackers. And these devices have many types of watch bands to choose from, making them a versatile accessory.

Luxury Watches

Made from the finest materials that often include precious metals or gems, luxury watches are fashion accessories. These watches are sought after by collectors and trendsetters and can cost as much as the market will demand. These eye-catching examples of function and style are a must-have if you want to make a big impression.

A Simple Guide to the Different Types of Watches

With all the variety and different types of watches out there, trying to choose one can seem daunting. To do this, take an inventory of your activities. If you plan on wearing it for special occasions, a middle-of-the-road luxury watch is what you need.

If you work in a setting where precision and the elements pose a factor, you may need a field or pilot watch.

Whatever the case, there is a watch out there for you if you take the time to think about what you want your timepiece to say about you.

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