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You want to step into the world of AE888 to experience the feeling of high-class betting at the house but don’t know where to start? Sign up for AE888 – Venus Casino Home page now if you are not a member of this house. You will begin to get the experience you want when you join the world of AE888. About how to register a playing account at AE888, you will easily do it successfully by following our instructions below.

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How to register an AE888 account is not difficult at all, if you follow our 3-step instructions below.

Members should use the link to go to the AE888 dealer to access their homepage interface. Then on the homepage interface, you select “Register” to start opening a betting account at the AE888 house.
Step 2: Complete the information on the registration form

After the AE888 registration form is displayed, what players need to do is to accurately and completely fill in the information that the house requires. The information includes:

Complete information on the registration form AE888

⦁ Username: The name is required to be written without accents.

⦁ Password: Requires 8-20 alphanumeric characters.

⦁ Confirm Password: It is required to enter the correct password selected above.

⦁ Full name: The request needs to match the last name on the bank account.

⦁ Phone number: Required is your owner’s phone number.

⦁ Zalo: You enter the phone number of your zalo account (If any).

⦁ Verification code: You enter the verification code displayed next to it.
Step 3: Complete the AE888 account registration procedure

Finally, after completing the registration information for AE888, please click on the box “I am 18 years old or older. I have read, accept and agree to the entire policy and terms of the bookmaker. Finally, click on “Register now” to complete the procedure to create your AE 888 account.

The request to open an AE888 account will be quickly approved by the house. If the personal information you provide is correct. Players will quickly become a member of the AE888 dealer within 5 seconds.

To register for AE888 successfully and play at the house in the safest way. Players need to keep a few things in mind:

⦁ Members can only register 1 account to play at AE888 house. In case a member registers 2 accounts, you need to make sure that the information of the 2 accounts must be different, the bank account is also different, the access device must also be different.

⦁ After becoming a member of AE3888, you need to absolutely comply with all regulations set forth by the house. This will help you play safely and your member’s interests will always be protected by AE888.

⦁ All acts of money laundering, fraud and use of software to hack results of games such as sports betting, baccarat, dragon tiger, etc. are strictly prohibited at AE888. These behaviors of players when detected by the house, AE888 will permanently lock your account.

⦁ Players should absolutely not disclose their AE888 registration information to anyone. This is the way for you to absolutely keep your personal information secure when playing at the AE888 house.

⦁ Players should choose betting games that are their strengths. This will make betting investment at AE888 more effective. You will earn high interest bargains from AE888.
Conditions to become a member of the AE888 bookie

To become a member, you are allowed to experience betting services: cockfighting, football, dice, … provided by the AE888 house. You need to comply with the necessary and sufficient conditions that AE8888 offers as follows:

⦁ Members who want to register for AE888 need to be at least 18 years old. This is the legal age to participate in betting.

⦁ Players must not violate any issues related to criminal records, criminal records, laws in Vietnam. If there is a violation, the best way is that you should not play bets at any bookie.

⦁ Players who are not employees are working at the headquarters of the AE888 bookie. You will experience the services provided by this house itself.

⦁ Players should have betting knowledge to make the investment process at AE888 bookie effective.

In addition, you need to be a self-employed person with your own capital to invest in AE 888. We will never encourage players to borrow or mortgage property to play betting. Take control of your finances and invest at AE888 with the amount that suits your experience.

With the above sharing, players will easily register for AE888 successfully from the first time. Especially after creating an AE888 account, don’t forget to immediately participate in promotions applicable to new members. This will help you have a much more confident start-up process when playing at the AE888 house. See details about the SIN88 dealer here!

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