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In the frequently evolving landscape and the ever growing scope of accessible technology, a need for highly skilled and well trained professionals, who are tech savvy is frequently felt and as of now it stands at an all-time high. To align with this demand, organisations are often exploring all possible innovative and effective ways every now and then so as to identify and incorporate top-tier talent for their firm. One such transformation was brought about in the industry through the introduction of online test assessment platforms, which with time have emerged as very crucial tools in assessing a candidates’ skills required for a certain designated job. In this blog we will discuss how they help organisations across the  industry and contribute to reshaping the way companies at present evaluate and hire employees rich in tech talent.

When it comes to the field of tech recruitment online test platforms prove to be really handy as they are essential for exploring and thus employing top tier talent. As you further head to different types of online test platforms, they each  offer distinct features for conducting an efficient online aptitude test with varied capabilities that meet the requirements of various organisations and thereby help them revolutionise the holistic employment process. These platforms incorporate a wide range of varied methodologies that make recruiting easier for both the employers as well as the candidate. These methods include use of a large variety of diversified questions that cover and highlight various aspects of one’s personality, real-life projects that highlight a candidate’s capability to assess and respond to a real time problem, or practical challenges that are all rated by the concerned authorities.

Different types of Tests included in an Online Aptitude Test: 

Let us take a good look at what are the various kinds of test formats included in an Online Assessment test and thereby establish a better understanding of the process.

Pair Programming Exercises

These exercises form a fundamental component of an online Aptitude Test by involving collaborative coding sessions where an individual candidate and an interviewer work together on a coding challenge and work with close proximity towards achieving a common goal. This method comes in real handy in evaluating a candidate’s communication skills, teamwork, managerial skills. 

Multiple-Choice Tests

These are like any other typical multiple choice based test where the questions come along with a few choices of which only one is correct, at times more than one answer can also be correct. The candidates are provided with due time to answer by choosing the correct code mentioned or response from the list of possible answers. 

Behavioural and Situational Coding Tests

For Software Engineers software engineer aptitude test are formulated to assess their coding and other skills as potential employees of the organisation. In this case Behavioural and situational coding exams project before a candidate a particular scenario or let’s say gives them a set of obstacles to overcome. During these tests, the candidate is supposed to spot and eliminate bugs in a pre-written code and make it bug free for its smooth execution. The results of these exams present the evaluation of a candidate’s flexibility, their capabilities to pay attention to minute details and the capability of handling pressure in a real time situation and thus bring the best out of it.

Automated Coding Challenges

The aim behind conducting these challenges is to see whether the candidates are capable of solving a set of coding problems within a stipulated time. This would further help the employers see into the candidates capabilities to point out and address real life problems within due time.

Language-Specific Tests

These tests prove to be very useful in evaluating and determining a candidate’s proficiency and command over a particular programming language. These tests help to assess a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the specific features of that very language.

All of these components individually and as a whole help an organisation hire an ideal workforce suitable for its requirements.


Online  test platforms are playing a pivotal role in exploring real and efficient tech talent. They design ideally suitable tests for an organisation that align perfectly well with its requirements and aid them in hiring several top-tier talents. Each platform by incorporating its unique methodologies puts forward the unique features and strengths that perfectly cater to the diverse needs of almost every other organisation. These unique features that different platforms offer includes detailed and diversified question banks, real-world projects, well monitored practical challenges, or virtual one on one interviewing capabilities, these simplify and streamline the recruitment process for industries. 

With the course of time the technology is continuously advancing, in a likewise manner these platforms continue to evolve as well, so as to keep up with the pace of the ever evolving demographic structure of the business landscape. This way these organisations stay at the forefront when it comes to acquiring effective and efficient talent in this highly competitive tech industry. Choosing just the right test for the pre employment assessment of candidates is of paramount importance in order to assess a candidate’s overall skills accurately and effectively and thus determine their suitability for the position in question. It is mostly advised to use a diversified test format which should be prepared by keeping in mind the unique necessities or pre-requisites of an individual organisation. 

Of loads of platforms available out there that prepare ideal assessment tests for an organisation, Mercer | Mettl remains unparalleled as it offers a comprehensive talent assessment platform which covers a wide and diversified range of assessments for the eligible candidates. It provides organisations with a variety of tools for multiple rounds of pre-employment testing, skill assessments, and behavioural evaluations of candidates that take up such tests. Mercer | Mettl is a renowned platform that has its roots planted deep inside the industry. They are a worldwide provider of talent measurement and assessment solutions, with the help of their modern day tools they help organisations take properly planned and well thought decisions regarding talent acquisition, development, and management of workforce. 

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