All types of football betting

As the football betting market is the most famous among all online betting, you need to about it completely. People tend to think that football betting is just like the other online betting แทงบอลเว็บไหนดี. There is so much to dig into the football betting. You need to know what type of game you are playing and how much benefits it can give you. When you know all types of them, you can save yourself from blunders. These types of football betting are as follows:

Point Spreads

A point spread seems to be a handicap that would be used to establish a 50/50 betting probability. For instance, on something like a football game between both the San Diego Chargers as well as the Indianapolis Colts, a betting company could give the preceding point spread. The Chargers can get 3.5 points taken from the overall result for betting reasons because of this spread. In order for a gamble on them just to pay off, they will have to succeed by four points and more. The Colts, on the opposite side, will see their score line increased by 3.5 points. If they dominated the tournament or failed by three points or fewer, a gamble on them will be profitable.

Match bet

The match bet seems to be the most basic type of football betting wherein you predict the outcome of a game. You may choose to gamble on the home team, the away team, or a draw. It’s worth noting that match bets become compensated out on the result following 90 minutes, so that if the results are tied over 90 minutes, the draw seems to be the guaranteed winner, regardless of what happens in additional time or penalty.


Another common betting choice, this sector entails adding all players’ goals and estimating whether they will surpass a certain amount. When you bet on Under 3.5 scores, for example, you’ll gain unless the overall amount of goals throughout the game doesn’t surpass three, such as 2-1.

Money lines

This favors the winning team. Odd makers give a minus designation to the favorites like -150, -200 or -500. When the favorite teams come to -200 that means the risk of money of $200 so that the team can win $100. If the favorite team manages to win then, they can get $100, and if they lose, they also lose $200. As everyone prefers the favorites, so more money is put at risk on the favorites. Odd makers give a plus designation to the underdogs like +150, +200 or +500. If you put money on the underdogs and they win, you will gain $200. The reward is more in underdogs as compared to the favorites.


A parlay bet, as compared to gambling on a single match, is a bet money on two or even more games that must benefit for the parlay to gain. Parlays may have minimum of two teams and as many as a dozen. The greater will be the number of players in a parlay, the better the chances and possible payout.

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