Are Bouncy Castles Energy Hogs? A Look at Their Electricity Usage

The bounce house is a trendy type of entertainment for families. As with any significant investment, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a bouncing castle, including electricity usage and costs. Understanding the electricity required to power a bounce house can help parents decide what to buy and how much it will cost. So this article will discuss how much electricity does a bouncy castle use and its related costs, giving clues for parents.

Electricity Usage of Bouncy Castles and Related Costs  

If you’re interested in the electricity usage and related costs of using a bouncy castle, there are a few key things to consider. First and foremost, the amount of electricity required to power a bouncy castle will depend on the size of the blower and the electricity rates in your local area. Bouncy castle blowers are available in four different sizes, ranging from 330w  to 800w.

  • 1 L (330w) Bounce House Blower.It is suitable for working with a smaller bounce house.
  • 5 L(380w) Bounce House Blower.It is suitable for working with a medium size bounce house.
  • 3 L (580w) and 4L (800 w) Bounce House Blowers. They are suitable for large inflatable bouncers.

In that case, you can calculate how much electricity you need, multiply the voltage by the amperage to get the wattage per hour, then divide by 1000 to get the kilowatts per hour. To get a more accurate answer of how much electricity does a bouncy castle use, you can refer to your electricity bill to determine how much you currently pay per kilowatt-hour and use that rate to calculate the cost of powering your jumper.

Additional Electricity and Cost for Powering a Bounce House

Now you may know how much electricity a bouncy castle uses. However, there are extra electricity and costs you should consider if you face such situations. If you plan to set up your moon bounce more than 100 feet from an electrical outlet, you may need a generator to power the bouncy castle blower, driving the electricity to power a bouncing castle. Bounce house blowers typically require 115 volts of power, which can be difficult to achieve with a long extension cord. A bounce house generator can provide the necessary power and allow you to set up your bounce house in more remote locations.

A bounce house generator’s electricity depends on its size and type and the specific blower being powered. Generally, a 4000-watt generator for a bounce house is sufficient for most blowers, but larger generators may be needed for particularly large or complex bouncy houses.

Tips on Saving Bouncy Castle Electricity Costs

Bouncy castles are a fun way to entertain children but can lead to high electricity costs. However, by following these tips, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of bouncy castles while keeping your energy bills low.

  1. Invest in Energy-Efficient Bouncy Castles

Energy-efficient bouncy castles can significantly reduce your electricity costs. You can choose a modern bouncy castle designed to be more energy-efficient by using lighter and stronger materials, reducing the energy needed to keep the bouncy castle inflated.

  1. Choose the Right Blower

The blower is the device that inflates the bouncy castle. Choosing the right blower size for your bouncy castle is essential to avoid overconsumption of electricity. A too-small blower will struggle to inflate the bouncy castle, and you may run it for more extended periods, leading to higher electricity costs. Conversely, a too-big blower will consume more electricity than necessary, leading to higher energy bills. You should, therefore, ensure that the blower you choose is the right size for your bouncy castle.

  1. Keep the Bouncy Castle Clean

Keeping the bouncy castle clean is essential in reducing electricity costs. Dirt and debris can clog the airflow, causing the blower to consume more electricity to inflate the bouncy castle. Cleaning the bouncy castle regularly will ensure the airflow is not obstructed, reducing the amount of electricity consumed.


When purchasing and powering an inflatable bouncer, it’s essential to consider the question of how much electricity does a bouncy castle use and the associated costs. The quality and size of the inflatable jumper and your local electricity rates and generator contribute to the overall bouncy castle price. If you want to save bouncy house electricity costs, please look no further than Action Air. Choosing an Action Air bounce house saves you money on electricity costs without sacrificing the fun. Their products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids are having a blast while being cost-effective.


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