Atlanta auto accidents: Things to know about laws in Georgia

Car accidents are frequently reported in Georgia. More often than not, these accidents result from neglect, recklessness, and speeding. If you were injured in an auto accident in Atlanta, you need to consult a lawyer to know your rights. Personal injury laws are often hard to understand, and if you are unaware of your rights and duties after the crash, you may lose your chance to win a settlement for your damages. In this post, we are discussing the laws in Georgia, along with tips for selecting an Atlanta personal injury attorney. 

Reporting a vehicle accident

Like most states, Georgia laws also require drivers to report an accident when death, injury, or property damage is involved. If the vehicle accident resulted in property damage worth $500 or more, complete the formalities and inform the local police department. If the accident happened outside of town, report it to the nearest sheriff’s office. 

Comparative Negligence in Georgia

In an accident where more than one party is at fault, the comparative negligence rules come into play. In Georgia, you can sue the other driver if they are more at fault than you. However, your fault percentage will determine what you get from the awarded settlement. How does that work? Let’s say you were 20% at fault and were awarded $20,000 in a settlement. In this case, you can only get 80% of the settlement, which is $16,000. 

Statute of limitations

In Georgia, you have two years to file a car accident lawsuit (or a wrongful death lawsuit) from the fateful date. If you want to just sue for vehicle damage, you have four years as per Georgia’s statute of limitations. Keep in mind that as you file a third-party claim, the clock continues to tick. 

Why do you need a personal injury attorney?

Winning a car accident lawsuit is all about having a clear strategy and adequate evidence. Investigating the accident can be hard, which is precisely why you need legal help. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you evaluate the worth of your claim, and they will do what it takes to prove your case. While car accident cases don’t typically need a trial, they can file a lawsuit if the offered settlement is too less than what you should get for your damages. 

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