Transactional SMS is a non-promotional text message sent by businesses to their clients to create relationships. Order notifications, greeting messages by text, shipping updates, and other types of transactional SMS are examples.

What is it about transactional alerts that makes them so convincing? The format of text messages is the answer. Transactional SMS can be used in a wide range of ways, based on your goal and the type of transaction and commodities or services you provide. Among the most common types of transactional SMS are order confirmations, delivery and shipping updates, OTPs, and e-receipts.

The impact of transactional SMS for organizations extends far beyond increased consumer engagement. According to a consumer survey, 62% of respondents believe that fast shipping is their most significant value, next to customer interaction and cost-effectiveness.

The growth and popularity of transactional SMS are getting high like any other thing and so here are some of the benefits of transactional SMS are described below:


The key benefit of utilizing transactional SMS is the fact it sends customers clear and concise communications. It is a valuable SMS service that also assists clients in remaining engaged. This platform’s innovation is the real-time transmission of information to customers. Other than that it is a system for sending out timely alerts. Whether online shopping platforms to railways, most industries in India rely on this SMS service to send alerts without fail and on time.


Transactional text messages are completely automated and require no human participation. Adding transactional SMS into your strategy is a low-cost way to develop a direct relationship with your clients, resulting in enhanced shipment, engagement, and retention of customers. It reduces the price of middlemen that were involved before in providing any type of information from one place to another.


Providing transactional text messages with an internet-based SMS service may offer enhanced functionalities. Using SMS APIs and plug-ins, you can quickly incorporate SMS platforms into the system you already have and create specific triggers based on the company’s needs and goals. It works according to the company requirements and only sends SMS or messages when required no extra messages can be sent with this. And if at any point you don’t feel the need to receive the SMS you can easily stop these SMS services.


A transactional SMS gateway is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables a sender to deliver a message to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Unless the user’s phone is turned off, he will undoubtedly receive the message. When a user conducts a transaction or orders merchandise, they will receive a transaction notification in real time. It keeps people informed and fosters consumer trust. It is available throughout the day and everyday so whenever you use the website or whenever you want a real time update for your good or service you could be just few clicks away. 


While Promotional Messages cannot reach consumers who have chosen DND (Do Not Disturb), Transactional Messages can easily reach them. Another crucial advantage of commercial SMS services is the fact that they contact DND-managed consumers and send critical information in real-time.


Though transactional SMS can assist any company, it is especially useful in the commercial sector. E-commerce enterprises, for example, can send status updates on ordered products, trains can give passengers status notifications, and banks can send financial reminders.


Set aside all of the benefits listed above to utilize this platform as a foundation for your environment. As a result, consumers will be more conscious of the social message. As a result, add this feature to your company’s platform to achieve the finest results possible. After learning about these benefits, you’ll understand the importance of transactional text messages in the business world.

Other than these benefits it is also important to know that these transactional SMS are categorized into some types as well and, it is important to know these different types of messages to utilize this service to its greatest extent which are as follows:

ONE-TIME PASSWORDS: To improve the security of customer interactions, organizations deliver OTP notifications to clients. Automated OTPs can be used to validate consumer actions including sign-ins, money transfers, and more.

RESERVATION STATUS: Delivering transactional SMS messages to customers is an effective way to inform them of booking confirmations/cancellations for a stay in a hotel, airline ticket, or other services.

UPDATES: Transactional SMS enables you to give your clients any significant updates about your products or services. For example, if you manage an e-commerce company, you can send these types of messages to your customers to keep them updated on the progress of their orders, shipment updates, delivery services status, and payments. This will help you keep your clients updated throughout the process.

ALERTS: Giving transactional SMS to your customers as notifications for specific activities will improve customer service. It is vital to maintain a strong business-client connection if you wish to keep your customers updated on major happenings, whether it is for a scheduled meeting or a transaction involving money.

Hence these were some of the benefits and types of transactional SMS service in India. It does not just enable a real-time check on everything but helps get updates and information. Although these transactional services are of various kinds most of the transactional SMS that we use in our everyday life is either product or service tracking or one-time password messages.  The warning messages are common in places that are either disaster-prone or any place with bad weather conditions to ensure the safety of citizens and everyone living in and around that place.

Transactional SMS is one of the most common types of messaging used nowadays by almost every other business organization to promote their brand and update their consumers regarding a particular good or service. These transactional SMS service in India is available all the time and without any delay. Hence it becomes easier for customers and service providers to use these services without any much stress and being an easy-to-use mechanism it does not cause too many problems in everyone’s life and becomes easy to understand. 

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