Best 7 Meditation Course Episodes in Hindi That You Must Listen To and Follow

Live a stress-free existence and make the most of it. Everyone understands that we only have one life to live and that we should enjoy it, but no one knows how to do so. Listen to the top Hindi classes to learn how to deal with pressures and process your ideas in such a way that you live life, after all, happiness is a condition of mind.

There will be times in your life when you will confront difficulties, which will block your normal life. You are not expected to enjoy your life in such a situation, but rather to confront the problem so that you can resume your normal routine. To fight back, we’ll need patience and optimism, as well as hope, confidence, and faith in ourselves. Only then will we be able to overcome challenges and live a life full of happy memories.

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  • Jyada Sochne Ki Adat Kaise Door Karein?

Sandeep Maheswari hosts the podcast Zyada sochna chodo. It runs into the major issue of overthinking. It discusses not only self-motivation but also how to maintain a happy mindset. This podcast, dubbed a motivational podcast, will assist you in combating negativity and providing motivation. We frequently require a spark to elevate our spirits and assist us in moving away from dismal ideas. This podcast will assist you in doing so. It provides you with the motivation and pleasant emotions you’re looking for.

  • Mental Body Scan

In this audio ‘Mental Body Scan’, RJ Apurva will share the method of practicing Mental Body Scan. The advantages are enormous. It enables you to connect your emotions and bodily sensations in order to be compassionate. It enables you to look into your own body. It’s a terrific method to deal with worry while also relaxing your brain. So, whether you’re looking for a Mental Body Scan pdf or a Mental Body Scan book, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Tanav Aur Ghabrahat Se Kaise Nipte?

You may discover how to manage your stress symptoms and lessen the impact of stress in this audio. So, here we are with another episode of “tanav aur ghabrahat se kaise nipte?” including a meditation course. And the greatest way to do it is through meditation. So, in this audio, you’ll learn how to relieve stress and anxiety with an audio meditation course. In this audio you’ll listen how to do meditation in Hindi and you’ll be guided for the same with a calming background meditation music specially made for only this purpose.

  • Galtiya Sweekar Karna Seekhen

We need to learn from our errors. This meditation audio is a 10-minute RJ meditation course. Apoorva demonstrates several meditation counting techniques that will help you relax your thoughts. When our minds are relaxed, they can strive to learn from their blunders. After completing this meditation course, you will undoubtedly notice a shift in your mindset and learn how to tolerate mistakes. Practice it for 7 days and learn the ways to accept the mistakes, galtiya swekarna sikhe 7 dino mein.

  • Walk On The Beach

RJ Apurva in this meditation audio will use sound therapy. Imagine yourself on a beach with the help of the background music. Imagine the sound of the waves, the setting sun, and the imprints of your footprints in the sand. It’s possible to picture yourself at the beach while at home. This therapy will assist you in developing positive thinking abilities because nature is usually positive. It will make you feel more positive.

In this audio, RJ Apurva Lahoti will provide you with ideas on how to build attention and patience. Focus is a learned skill that must be developed and fostered. Focus is necessary for achieving mental tranquilly and for getting to know oneself. You can take advantage of the Hindi mediation course on our website to learn about the need of patience in life.

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  • Jeevan Mein Layein Vinamrta

This podcast was prepared by RJ Apurva Ka hoti, and she will teach you how to instil modesty into your life in this episode. She will also discuss why modesty is important in one’s life path and how it can help one relax or maintain mental calm.

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