Best Things to Do with a Boat Rental in Valencia

Learn about all the things to do and places to visit on a boat rental in Valencia. Explore more than 120 km of Valencia’s coastline and discover what it offers, from stunning beaches and coves, to lighthouses and more.

Situated between Alicante and Castellon, Valencia offers one of the best climates in the Iberian Peninsula, making it suitable for travellers looking for an unforgettable vacation with beaches, fun, and sun. The city is popular among locals and international tourists, acclaimed for its history, natural and historical landmarks, and stunning villages. You can find a perfect balance between sandy beaches and natural landscapes.

While there are unmissable inland landmarks, most of the action takes place on the coast, where you’ll find golden beaches with clear water packed with people and activities, and the best way to get around beaches while taking full advantage of the location is by renting a ibiza boat rentals with Click&Boat. You can choose from motorboats, sailboats or catamarans for a few hours or days.

Best Things to Do in Valencia by Boat

Stroll Around the City

Before getting to your boat, a good rule of thumb is to get a good look at the city and stroll around Valencia, checking the sights and landmarks.

A good starting point is the La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia, a historical building with Gothic architecture. Next, head to the Mercat Central de Valencia, the city’s main market. Getting a nice taste of local food and checking out the culture is splendid.

Some other attractions are the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, a science museum with unique architecture and a body of water where you rent little boats. Next, L’Oceanogràfic is an interesting aquarium surrounded by a garden and Bioparc Valencia, an animal park with interesting attractions.

Beach Hopping

It’s time to hop on your Valencia boat rental and hit the water. There are a ton of beaches you can go to, but one of the most popular is El Cabanyal Beach or Playa de las Arenas. It’s located near the harbour and often crowded, but you will surely have a blast.

Next, head to Platja de la Malva-rosa, a golden sanded beach with turquoise and deep blue water where you can enjoy a nice swim, sunbathing, or other beach activities.

Visit Palma and Other Islands

One of the biggest draws of Valencia is its proximity to some of the best islands on this side of Europe. I’m talking about the Balearic Islands.

A must-visit is la Palma, the main city of Mallorca, where you can find many high-end beaches like Cala Major and Calo del Moro. You can check amazing spots, lighthouses, and breathtaking cliffs.

You can head to Ibiza and find incredible beaches, like Es Canar and Portinatx. Both are stunning beaches with all the amenities you need. Also, Ibiza is well known for its partying scene, which you may also want to explore.

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