Betting on cricket: rules, features, bookmakers’ offers

Cricket is a competitive team sport that boasts a wide variety of fans. Primarily due to the intense popularization of cricket in India, with more than a billion people, and thanks to Indian fans, cricket is reportedly the second most played sport in the world after soccer. Games are organized all season round, and the betting possibilities are almost unlimited.

Popularity and rich history

The oldest references to cricket can be traced back to the 16th century, when the English were already practicing a similar sport using a ball. The expansion of the British Empire into distant parts of the world led to the spread of the discipline into new nations. Now cricket is popular in many countries, although in some its development has stalled and there is no progress.The most popular matches that users like to bet on are between national teams and T20 games in the Indian Premier League. The priority is given to betting in Live mode, where the excitement and excitement are worth it.

Which app to bet on cricket

Cricket is accepted by most of the cricket betting apps from legitimate online bookmakers. It is a sport with a good reputation and a huge number of fans in English-speaking countries, so companies like:

  • Parimatch App ;
  • Fun88 App ;
  • Megapari App;
  • Melbet App;
  • 1Win App;
  • Fairplay App;
  • 4rabet App;
  • Dafabet App;
  • Mostbet App;
  • Crickex App.

All of them offer a large number of bonuses and offers, it only remains to make a choice in favor of the best bookmaker. In this review we will try to lift the veil and identify the best among the worthy ones.

India’s 10 Leading betting apps for Cricket

Bookmaker’s app Bonus Advantages
Parimatch app +150% up to 20,000 INR
  • World’s best app for Android and iOS;
  • Top speed of withdrawal;
  • Excellent environment for Hindi, INR betting;
  • Unbelievable privacy and data protection.
Fun88 app +200% up to 5,000 INR
  • Enjoyable terms on the welcome bonus;
  • Permanent updates of loyalty programs and bonus packages;
  • Powerful focus on sports with an online betting exchange.
Megapari app +100% up to 26,000 INR
  • Multiple sports betting markets;
  • LIVE broadcasts;
  • Large choice of odds.
Melbet app +100% up to 8,000 INR
  • User Friendly functionality for live betting in the app;
  • High odds;
  • Massive choice of ways to pay in the app;
  • A wide choice of other sports to bet on.
1Win app +500% up to 80,400 INR
  • In-app withdrawal is instant;
  • Many in-app offers and bonuses;
  • Orientation on high odds for wagering;
  • Exceptional promo code.
Fairplay app +100% up to 50,000 INR
  • The most generous bonuses;
  • Wide selection of sporting activities and live broadcasts;
  • A lot of non-standard sports bets and games.
4rabet app +200% up to 20,000 INR
  • Pay attention to Indian players;
  • Bet tracking system;
  • A great variety of cricket betting;
  • Quality real-time betting conditions.
Dafabet app +160% up to 16,000 INR
  • Perfect welcome bonus requirements;
  • Asian-focused betting giant;
  • Enormous bookmaker sportsbook, including cricket.
Mostbet app +100% up to 25,000 INR
  • Useful set of in-app bonuses;
  • Many payment possibilities;
  • Plenty of environment and offers for real-time betting.
Crickex app +100% up to 1,000 INR
  • The rupees are available;
  • Bets on cricket;
  • State-of-the-art Android app;
  • Multiple payment options.

Tips for beginners in cricket

That being said, beginners should keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a winning strategy, and in order to play well over a distance you have to not only get to grips with all the nuances of the rules, but also avidly consume the latest cricket information, adapting and changing your approach from match to match. In cricket, where seemingly small external factors can shift the balance in the most unexpected direction, this is especially important.

To choose a bookmaker to bet on cricket, you can follow the links in the names of the companies above — these links will open a detailed review on each bookmaker. It should be noted that the bookmakers listed above, which accept bets on this sport, occupy places in the top half of the bookmakers ranking in terms of popularity among betting fans.

A little about the rules

In cricket, players try to hit the ball after the defending team’s serve, but other than that there is not much overlap between the two sports. According to the rules, matches are played between two teams — 11 players on each side. The field is rounded and can vary in size, but in the center there is always a circle with a circle diameter of 20 meters, where all the main action takes place.Two teams take turns kicking or pitching the ball, on the defensive side of the field at the same time there is one pitcher “bowler” and ten field players, the attack — only two kickers “batsmen” on the field, one on each side of the pitch. The outfielder tries to score as many runs as possible in his allotted “over. The batsman tries to deflect the throw so that the ball reaches the boundary of the field or flies far enough away from the opponents to allow the batsman to run to the other side of the pitch. If successful, and under certain conditions, the batsman’s team scores points. At the same time, fulfillment of certain environmental conditions — catching the ball by the opponent before touching the ground, destroying the batsman’s wicket and others — takes the batsman out of the game.

The attacking team continues until 10 batsmen of the batting team have been removed from the game, after which the opponents switch roles.

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