Can Dogs Sense Seizures in Humans?

According to Nether Land scientists, researchers have found that Mini labradoodle can detect the odor characteristic of epileptic seizures, regardless of the type of epilepsy and the individual patient. To do this, scientists trained dogs to respond to a person’s sweating and breathing during an epileptic seizure, and then tested the effect of training on other people’s odors. Thus, a new type of rescue dog was created – the Seizure Alert Dog. Here are more details on whether dogs can detect seizures in humans.

How it is possible?

In the presence of certain diseases, the structure of human body fluids (urine, sweat and saliva) may change, which may change their odor. Some diseases can be detected by dogs through their smell, which is known for their effective sense of smell, although there are some who deny this.

Whether a dog or Norfolk terrier can diagnose the disease, however, depends on how well trained it was: for example, scientists recently taught Pomsky dogs to recognize malaria-like odors from their socks. Were able Other studies suggest that dogs may be trained and predicted for certain conditions, such as a decrease in blood sugar and diabetes, or even an impending migraine.

Here are some tips to keep your dog happy during boarding stays.

During the test, the dogs were given a selection of seven canisters in which each of the five patients had a different scent: the canisters contained odors, physical activity, and randomness of patients during epileptic seizures. The stench was gone. Day at rest. The dogs had to find the right smell and stop in front of it, after which a special bowl was opened for a while.

Researchers have found that dogs spend significantly more time around fragrance-like specimens during epileptic seizures. At the same time, such reactions of dogs did not depend on the type of epilepsy of the participants, which means that all types of diseases are associated with a specific odor.

The authors of the work concluded that the dogs’ response to the stench of the epilepsy feature could be useful for future research, which would help identify specific signs approaching the seizure. This, in turn, will be useful for dogs that need surveillance for the disease: So far, experience has shown that dogs can detect the presence of seizures only when it has begun.

Alzheimer’s disease already knows how to detect odors that predict the presence of the disease even before the characteristic lesions: Five years ago, in an experiment on animals, scientists showed that the disease Stinky biomarkers are present in the urine.


Now you know that some diseases can change a person’s smell a little and such dogs can smell it. Now Sezer Alert dogs are being trained and trained, and then anyone in need can buy them. Unfortunately, the number of occupation alert dogs is not high at the moment, as it is really difficult to train them.

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