Can Magic Mushrooms Improve Focus and Enhance Productivity?

High demand and a fast-paced work environment are often obsessed with productivity and results. Employees consume different substances, use multiple hacks, and even adopt fads. As the workload increases, more employees get out of focus, become tired, and burn out.

Burnout employees cannot perform well. Delays and unpolished projects happen.

Keeping your focus in a workplace is difficult to achieve nowadays. You have lots of distractions and top it with stress and anxiety. How then can it be possible to work in such a condition?

Even though this is not a new practice, microdosing with magic mushrooms or other psychedelics is becoming regular. Many have sworn that microdosing for work helps them improve their performance, stay focused, and get things done quickly. That sounds too good to be true.

But maybe it can be true. Let’s learn how microdosing mushrooms can change how workplace habits can happen.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of regularly taking small doses of psychedelic substances – LSD or psilocybin. The intake happens over weeks or months.

People who microdose swore that it helps them increase productivity by making them concentrate or focus, improve critical thinking, and so on.

There is a lack of experimental studies and scientific data on microdosing. However, more surveys are available for people to complete.

Since microdosing involves psychedelics, does this mean that people hallucinate? No. 

Microdosing requires 1/10 of the recreational dose. The amount is too low to cause any noticeable effects. The small number of psychedelics can allow people to do their business. They are still conscious of their decisions, can generally work, cook a meal, etc.

However, it is vital to be precise; not everyone who microdoses experiences the same effects as others. Some have adverse reactions to the drug.

Microdosing Surveys and Experiences

Increase Mood, Focus, and Creativity when Microdosing

For us to believe that microdosing does work, why not let’s look at some surveys and experiences of people.

In a survey conducted, participants completed a rating telling if they microdose and what their experiences are. The survey includes psychological measures to track the long-term effects of microdosing.

In another survey, people answered if they were interested in using the substance. It measures what people expect from using the drug versus its reality.

The survey results show that people who take microdoses report an immediate boost in mood, creativity, focus, happiness, and wellness when taking the drug. However, this does not occur on days that they do not microdose. Meanwhile, some reports have a lingering feeling two days after microdosing.

A Confusing Experiment

There are some studies conducted that didn’t rely entirely on surveys. One study measures the participants’ cognitive performance using LSD microdose. After taking the drug, participants perform a task to measure their cognitive function.

There was no effect or changes in the participants’ cognitive performance in the experiment. However, the results are not 100% reliable as participants only had a single microdose. People who report better performance and other positive outcomes are those who microdose more than once.

There was another double-blind study that involved 50 older adults. In the experiment, researchers have found that microdosing with LSD impairs cognition.

Most of these studies show that microdosing doesn’t provide the promising effects that people report. But then again, participants were only given a single dose and primarily measured healthy individuals.

Other Stories

Ayelet Waldman said in 2017 that she took 10mg of liquid LSD. It’s not to boost her productivity but to help her with depression and mood swings.

“I didn’t do this on a lark. I did this because I was afraid I was going to kill myself.”

Louise (not their real name) is a straight-A student, has two careers, and has a sense of self. She microdoses on LSD every six months. Primarily, Louise microdose to focus and less to be productive in her job. It’s more of being present than enhancing creativity to be effective and excel in the workplace.

Most people try to microdose to either focus, help with mental issues, or enhance productivity.

Microdosing During Office Hours

No matter how small the dosage, a microdose is illegal. But why do others use them in the workplace?

Microdosing in the workplace may be a bit of a risk. Although most said it doesn’t cause a trip, most users suggest doing it outside of work.

Even if employers find out that one of their employees has used a microdose, they do not immediately fire them so long as they can perform well. But of course, going to an interview while tripping is different. You’re not going to get the job.

Some employers don’t mind, so as long as employees do not microdose within the workplace. Of course, microdosing means using a psychedelic compound. Over time someone might increase the dosage, leading to drug addiction.

So, if you plan to try microdose, careful research is essential. Choose the correct dosage, ask for assistance from someone you know, and make sure to do it in the comfort of your home. 


  • Long-term users report low levels of depression.
  • Reduce mind wandering, meaning they focus on a task
  • Some report increased feelings of unpleasantness
  • High level of energy
  • Improved creativity

As much as we want to think that microdosing can only provide a positive experience, it’s impossible. Some people can experience adverse effects from microdosing, so further studies are required.


When microdosing, being conscious of your dosage intake is vital. The usual dose is 1/10 of the regular recreational amount. So if you trip using a 3.5g of magic mushroom, using 0.35 g for your microdosing experience can do.

If you do not know anything about dosage, we suggest starting from the lowest (0.05 g) dose. You can gradually increase the amount when you can’t find the results you need.

However, take some precautions when taking the drug. Do consult your doctor, never mix it with other medication, and don’t go higher than your usual dose.

You don’t have to worry about the dosage. When you buy psychedelics online in Canada, pre-made microdose capsules are available. Osmosis Focus is a blend of Golden Teacher and other nootropic supplements that helps users stay organized and focus on their tasks.


Microdosing magic mushrooms and psychedelic compounds have different results. Most people talk about the promising effects – making users focus and concentrate better. Meanwhile, some people complain of adverse reactions. 

Without scientific data, we rely on surveys and people’s stories for now. Therefore, researchers need to consider further studies by considering multiple factors.

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