Chess: A test of intelligence

The modern world has seen a lot of growth in technology. Technology has changed the mindset of people. People have now started to believe that their life would not be possible without adapting to this advancement. The impact of this can be observed in every field of life. The online gaming field is one of those fields which has been influenced the most. People nowadays play everything, let it be games which are indoor or outdoor. It doesn’t matter nowadays. Various mobile games consist of a wide variety of games. Cricket, Football and many more games can now be played online. This thing can be possible only by one of the best inventions of all time, the smartphone. Smartphones are one of the biggest reasons why this gaming culture has adopted a completely different path. These things can be possible in personal computers or the laptop, but with the arrival of smartphones, people have started to believe that this is the best gadget on which one can play a variety of games. These gadgets are affordable too. 

Mobile phone games are designed in such a way that will make the person addicted to them. The interface of these applications is also designed in such a way that it can be easily played by each section of the society whether it is young or old. The graphics of the game are getting better every day with technological innovation. Playing games is important because it will enhance one’s creativity, help in better functioning of the brain, increase hand-brain coordination and also help in many more different ways. These days the game is built on the concept of lives, that is after losing every time the life of the game will decrease, once it gets over, it requires a certain amount of time to get refilled. 

There are a variety of criteria for gamers to choose from in the application store. Some criteria are recreational, educational, adventure, card, racing, games designed especially for Children, puzzles, strategy. One such game which is in trend these days is the online chess game. 

First of all, let’s discuss the basics of the chess game. It is one of those games which require a proper strategy and great tactics. It is always played between two players. The board consists of sixty-four square boxes among which the sixteen pieces of white and sixteen pieces of the black lie. The basic idea behind the game is to keep the king alive till the end. The player who manages to checkmate the opponent king is declared the winner. 

This article discusses the online chess game and the rules and pieces of the games. 

Some of the basic things of chess are:

  1. Checkmate: It is the condition when the king of the opponent player gets trapped by different pieces and there is no way out. The winner will be the player who checkmate the opponent’s king. 


  1. Stalemate: It is the condition when the opponent king cannot move to another nearby square and the king is not checked at the moment. The outcome of this game will be a draw. 


  1. Castling: It is one of those things which makes the king safest. The castling is of two types. Long and Short. In castling the rook pieces towards the king, the condition is that the king has never moved a single step. 


  1. If the pawn of one player can reach the other side of the board then, the pawn can be considered as any piece. 

These were some basic chess knowledge. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of playing chess. 

  1. Chess players have very strong memory skills as compared to one’s who do not play chess. This is because chess requires you to remember various combinations. Making memories sharp is one of the biggest reasons why one should play chess. 


  1. Chess needs proper concentration and focus. If one’s mind diverts even for a second, that can lead one causing his game. It is considered as the game of intelligent people only. Concentration is considered one of the most important keys to unlocking the door to success. If the person is focused and determined, he can clear any of the difficult hurdles which come across him. 


  1. The games help in improving one’s planning skills. It is very necessary to plan moves during the opponent’s turn. This will encourage one to take the right decision and find out the best solution which will help in not only winning the game but also help in planning and taking the decision which he feels is perfect for his life at present as well as the future. Planning is something that is a necessity of each field, be it sport, politics, finance, or construction. Planning is definitely what is needed for a bright future. 


  1. Chess enhances creativity. It is that thing without which one will only struggle in his life. Creative minds are considered as one of the biggest gifts to society as well as the nation. Chess helps in making crazy new moves and ideas. 


  1. As chess is played in online mode these days, one can compete with people all around the world. This is one of the advantages of playing chess online, one can play from any corner and can come across anyone. 


  1. The best thing about the chess online 2 player game is that it is free to download and use. One can easily access it from the application play store. The graphics of the application is such that the player will be attracted towards it to play it again and again. 

These were some of the benefits of playing the chess game. 

In this pandemic period, as one cannot spend time with friends and relatives, this online chess game has become one of the ways to get in touch with loved ones. The regular updates have also provided a boost to this application. Really,one can conclude that the game of chess really a test of intelligence.

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