Creative and Effortless Ways to Decorate the Bookshelf

Each home is filled with different kinds of books. All the members in a home have different tastes and so there are various collections of books found in a particular home. Reading a book pleases the heart and informs you about many things. It increases your knowledge about a variety of things and fulfills your desire to learn more. However, for the sake of quenching our thirst to learn more, we end up buying more books. This results in a mess if the books are not organized well.

For someone who is a book lover always prefers a place that is comfortable and peaceful so that they can focus on reading without being disturbed or distracted. They always appreciate a cosy nook or a stylish spot with a book stand filled with their favourite collection where they can be lost deep in their reading.

Ideas to Decorate the Bookshelf

The right environment will help you focus more on your study time making it enjoyable. A little bit of creativity and paying attention to the minute details along with a well-curated collection of books is what is going to make your journey with the books a pleasant and mesmerizing one. You can add some artwork or lush greenery to the wooden bookshelf to elevate the décor of your favourite space.  The following ideas will help you make your bookshelf look elegant – 

Décor with the existing items – Do you think you always have to shop for new décor pieces to jazz up a space? Well, that is not always true. A bookshelf can be decorated with items that are already at home. Using the existing items for the décor is the best and cheapest way to add some style to your space. You can use some artwork, photo frames, flower vases etc. in a cohesive colour scheme. You can arrange the largest items on the shelf first and staggering objects in between the shelves. Then you can add in some books followed by potted plants to add colour and texture to the space.

Add in some Mementos – Some objects hold a special place in our hearts and evoke certain memories. These types of objects like the Mementos make a great piece of décor on the bookshelf. You can display them for a dynamic look by stacking the books horizontally which will serve as a pedestal for small objects. You can also use the souvenirs that you gathered from your travels and some treasured collectables to deck up the space.

Bold Yet simple Décor – The simplest way to decorate the bookshelf is to paint the shelf with contrasting colours. You can use bold colours for a more visual appeal and draw focus. You can also use multiple colours to make it attractive or follow your favourite colour scheme to give the area a sense of unity.

Use Pretty Bookends – Bookends are powerful accessories that elevate the décor of the bookshelf. You can use heavy and sturdy décor pieces as bookends. Pieces of architectural salvage also make great bookends and help in keeping the shelves organized thereby displaying a neat outlook.

Transform your empty set of shelves with these creative ideas into a curated arrangement and make them functional as well as pleasing to the eye.

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