What is cryptocurrency? Crypto for beginners. Cryptonews about the best cryptocurrency

I went to look for the best cryptocurrency, here’s what I found

Cryptocurrencies are trending on google search results and not without reason. Major tech leaders such as Elon Musk have publicly shown interest in the first decentralized digital asset. But what exactly is a cryptocurrency? Where can I find reliable and unbiased news about crypto?

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

I quickly learned that by searching for advice about cryptocurrencies online is difficult, since there are so many biased opinions it is hard to do your due diligence. Cryptocurrency news websites sometimes offer some insight in starting projects, and even Twitter can be used as a source to find new crypto projects.

Crypto explained

On FYDwiki I learned the basics about cryptocurrency, what a cryptocurrency is and the importance of crypto. If you are new to crypto I advise you to watch this simple explainer video about Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, looking past larger coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP gives you a chance to invest in a crypto project in its early days. Wouldn’t you want to go back in time and buy Bitcoin for $1?

Altcoin FYD cryptocurrency

A project I recently came across is FYD, one of the smaller cap cryptocurrencies on sites like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. FYDcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is similar to the crypto Bitcoin. There is a finite supply, which means unlike FIAT currencies such as the dollar or euro, FYDcoin cannot be created out of nothing.

Aside from the cryptocurrency, FYD is working to create a decentralized online economy for freelancers. As a freelance writer myself, I mostly use platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork and Dribble to connect with new clients. The fee that these platforms charge can sometimes go up to as high as 20%. With the lack of competitors in the gig economy, this is not changing any time soon.

Where platforms such as Fiverr started with a great idea, a gig for a Fiver ($5,-) the cold reality is that ordering a $5 gig (which is the minimum to be spent on Fiverr) costs my client more than $8 while I receive less than $5. FYD aims to remove the third party, so I can connect in a trustless way with my client without having to pay a third party a fee to secure my payment.

FYD is one of the projects that makes me understand the hype behind blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrencies in general. Whether you are looking to learn more about Bitcoin, interested in staking cryptocurrencies, generating a passive income with masternodes or staking cryptocurrency, FYD is a project to start your crypto journey.

Crypto prices

The growth of cryptocurrencies has been enormous where every wave of crypto interest allows crypto start-ups to blossom. With apps such as Bitpay, Binance, or even Coinbase, it is more realistic to see a future with altcoins or alternative coins existing alongside Bitcoin. Where Bitcoin can be seen as a store of value, the exchange of value can be done by a variety of cryptocurrencies.

About FYD and FYDcoin cryptocurrency

If you are interested to learn more about FYD or FYDcoin, you can visit the website here

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