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There are several countries in the world that provide freelance visas for digital nomads. These digital nomad visas offer you the opportunity to both live and work in another country. One reason freelancers choose this option is that such countries have developed infrastructure systems. Usually, the internet connection in these countries is highly developed. 

One of the countries that provide such service is Portugal. A specific Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is not yet available yet, but the country offers opportunities for remote workers who wish to work in Portugal. Especially non-European citizens benefit from this opportunity. Like digital nomads and freelancers, self-employed workers can also apply for Digital Nomad Portugal.

You can read the below section about the details of such visas and then learn more about Portugal Digital Nomad Visa.

Digital Nomad Visa

Digital nomad visas are great alternatives for digital nomads. Because without this visa, freelancers would have to provide documents like an invitation letter to get a visa. 

Similarly, tourist visas are not sufficient enough because they don’t provide long-term residence rights. 

Luckily, digital nomad visas make this process easier and faster. You don’t have to bother a pile of paperwork as well. 

A digital nomad visa allows you to work in a certain country as an independent worker. Besides Portugal freelance visa, countries inside and outside of Europe provide this visa type as well. 

You can now find more information about Digital Nomad Portugal below. 

Digital Nomad Visa Portugal

Many facilities in Portugal attract freelancers to choose this country. For example, Portugal has a growing tech industry attracting entrepreneurs and international companies. Internet speed is very high in Portugal, too. 

The Golden Visa and D7 Visa are two types of the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa international applicants can benefit from. 

In the following list, you can learn more about the details of these visas and other types of Portugal Digital Nomad Visa.

Types of Digital Nomad Visa Portugal

The following list includes two ways of Digital Nomad Portugal: D2 Visa, D7 Visa, Temporary Stay Visa, and Golden Visa. 

Portugal Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program provides residency when you invest in the country. Residency can evolve into citizenship after five years. You can obtain a residency permit in Portugal with your family.

D7 Visa

The D7 Visa allows you a residence permit as well. If you earn a regular income, you can apply for this visa. You can work independently in Portugal if your monthly income meets the required amount. The annual income must be at least €8,460.

D7 Visa can also allow you to apply for citizenship at the end of five years. Family members can get residency rights with you. 

D2 Visa

D2 Visa is an alternative for people who wish to establish a business. It’s also suitable for you if you wish to conduct business as well. 

Temporary Stay Visa

A temporary stay visa is a practical option if you want to stay in the country for a shorter period. It provides you with a one-year residence permit. To get this, your monthly income needs to be at least €635. It’s possible to renew the visa for two further years. 

You’ll provide the following documents while applying:

  • An official form
  • Clean criminal record
  • Travel insurance
  • Passport 
  • Travel documents
  • Proof of means of subsistence

The Situation About Citizens From EU and Non-EU Countries

Digital Nomad Visa Portugal entails different requirements for US, EU, and non-EU residents. 

EU nationals do not face any restrictions while entering Portugal. No visa requirement applies to EU citizens. They only have to apply for a Residence Certificate from SEF (The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service).

Non-EU residents, however, must have a Schengen Visa. 

US citizens can stay visa-free in Portugal for up to 90 days. However, they must prove that their monthly income is at least $1,070. Both US nationals and third-country nationals need to fill out the visa application form. They can fill out the form at the embassies or consulates in their home country. 

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa has made the lives of digital nomads and freelancers easier. The application process is straightforward enough. Apply today!

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