Does Aluminum Bottle Have Edge Over the Plastic for Recyclability?

Customers are now becoming conscious day by day of the materials that are used in packaging. But there are some barriers in this package sifting. Manufacturers always search for new methods that can reduce cost in packaging. Besides attempting to cut down costs, some companies also focus on how their packaging can have less impact on the environment and satisfy conscious consumers. Due to plastic pollution, almost everyone is worried. For reducing plastic usage, one material is catching attention a lot. It is Aluminum. It is one of the most available natural metals. Though the production process of aluminum bottles is not that environmentally friendly, 75% of aluminum is still being used. At the same time, only just 9% of plastic is being recycled. Plastic bottle ends up in landfills and pollutes the natural environment.

Why is Aluminum better than plastic in packaging?

1. Recyclability:

Infinite recyclability gives the edge to aluminum. After recycling few times, plastic ends up in an unusable condition. But aluminum maintains its quality, and it can be recycled or reused many times. On the other hand, consumers know that aluminum can be recycled, trying not to throw it anywhere. But in the case of plastic, consumers become confused and become discouraged.

2. Profit & Sustainability:

As an alternative to plastic, aluminum bottles offer more sustainability in packaging. But making changes is difficult in business. If the decision doesn’t meet standards and doesn’t meet the profit target, it can significantly damage the business. But about 70% of the consumers want to get rid of the pollution caused by plastic, and they are very concerned about it. Companies now tend to switch to the aluminum package, which is considered greener in packaging.

3. Changing consumer perception:

Although the majority of the customer care about environmental pollutions caused by plastics, actually a few percentages of them buy sustained products. They want to use brand products that cause less pollution, but a tiny portion of them do that. To turn the customer’s thinking into action, brands should also come forward. They have to make them understand while considering their barriers. Sometimes, packing material in an eye-catching way can turn an unsuccessful business into a successful one. So, tin box manufacturer can make packaging attractive and help the product catch the sight of consumers and shop owners.

4. Protection:

Aluminum packaging can protect many food or other items. Groceries are affected by sunlight which damages the appearance of the item and makes the taste worse. Foil paper or aluminum bottles, cans can solve the problem. Aluminum bottles don’t allow the sun to reach inside. It also helps to maintain the temperature inside. Dairy products, cold water, beverages, etc., can be sealed perfectly inside the aluminum bottles for even two years. On the other hand, Aluminum is a non-toxic element where plastic is toxic. Nowadays, foil paper of aluminum is used as food wrappers, in containers, bins, bottle caps, etc.

5. Durability:

Aluminum is a lot more durable than plastic. It can stand against long-term usage. It is perfect for reuse and uses forever. Aluminum is not only a light and malleable metal but also intense. It can contain heavy pressure both inside and outside, perfect for spray containers and foam bottles. Despite being durable, it is pretty cheaper than plastic. As a robust and lightweight metal, it prevents leaks that can occur quickly in pastics.

Final words:

We use plastic in our day-to-day life for various purposes. But after one-time or second-time uses, we throw those away as they become unusable. But if we think about long-term usage and a greener environment, aluminum is the best alternative, and every one of us should start using aluminum bottles.

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