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TikTok has been one of the best boredom breakers in our quarantines. It has made us go productive when it comes to making videos and following trends. Our creativity has been at its height when we created TikTok videos.

And no matter what we have built an admiration for some tiktokers and following them has got us a charge out of daily life. One of the features of tiktok is that we cannot view zoomed in picture of the concerned user neither can we download it.

We know that matters a lot. Therefore, we have created a quick-witted hack to it. Now, through Tikfuel You can easily download TikTok profile picture full size of your favorite celebrity. Isn’t it great?

You must be considering this as a complex hacking process although it is as simple as knowing the username of your favorite choices.

How to download TikTok profile Picture?

  • Entre the username of the person you want the profile picture of.

For instance, @brent123 or @charlie-d

  • Click the ‘Check Full Size’
  • Within a blink of your eye, you can see a large sized profile picture.
  • If you want to download it click ‘Download’

How to download the TikTok profile photo on iPhone?

When you press the download button on desktop or Android, the profile picture is normally downloaded automatically. On the iPhone, however, the image is simply opened in a new tab.

Just follow these steps to proceed

  • Press and hold the image to appear a new menu
  • Select ‘Add to photos’ from the menu
  • The picture will automatically be saved into your albums.

What will be the Image Quality?

The picture size will vary, but it is mostly squared. Usually, 1080 x 1080 pixels are used. Our TikTok scale viewer tool however has a DPI of 72 pixels per inch and is in JPEG format.

Why to choose TikFuel?

TikFuel’s profile picture downloader is the simplest way to see any profile picture on TikTok in full scale. The only requirement we have is the username from the relevant account. The process will be completely anonymous. We produce all images in the highest possible resolution. If you like the image? You can simply download it, and the file will remain in your hands in perpetuity.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the process and view or save the profile pictures of your beloved celebrities right now. Do share with your friends about it! If you acclaim our TikTok tool.

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