Dr. Dre Came to Eminem to get Advice on Super Bowl Performance

It took Dr. Dre months to finally agree to perform at the biggest television event in the US. He sought advice from his friends and colleagues, including Marshall.

Paul Rosenberg revealed the conversation between the two goats in a new episode of the “Curtain Call 2” podcast. This time he invited Adam Blackstone, a music director who has been working with Eminem for years. Read the entire article for knowing more news with the help of aswehiphop site.

He is responsible for all of Em’s recent live shows, the seamless blend of Em’s and Rihanna’s styles on the Monster tour, numerous SNL performances, and sets at the Grammys and Oscars. And most recently, the Super Bowl Halftime show. 

Although no one knows the musical side of this vision better than Adam, Paul had the background information that Dr. How Dre decided to take on the role and got Eminem involved:

Dre got here to Marshall. I don’t know if she could sincerely talk to him approximately it earlier than it passed off or no longer. Do you suspect you must do it? Because in case you want to do it, you gotta do it”. And [Dre] become like, “properly, if I am doing it, you’re doing it”. And [Em] like, “Oh. I don’t know”. So, it boiled right down to, you already know, Marshall never surely says no to Dre. If Dre wishes him, he’s there. And vice versa. 

So, Dre thought it become the right factor for him. He stated, “howdy, Im doing it. You are with me, right?” And Marshall become like, “okay, yeah, Im with you, Im not going to mention no to Dre”. Did he need to make the splendid Bowl? You have to ask him.

Producer WLPWR Describes the Experience of Working with Eminem

Atlanta-based producer and musician William Washington, aka WLPWR, connected with Marshall through the Yelawolf projects and shares the lessons he learned from his collaboration.

Most importantly, WLPWR produced “Best Friend”, Yela’s joint where Eminem is featured as singer and producer. Will Power. Who used to be Yelawolf’s in-house producer, he also worked on “2.0 Boys”, a posse-cut where Eminem featured his artists – Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf.

WLPWR sat down with B High TV to talk about his career and life experiences, or sometimes both, as they overlap. When asked about the famous artists he has worked with as a producer, the Atlanta hit master cut to the chase:

It was unbelievable. I was at the top of the food chain, which is Eminem. I have five articles with this man. It was a great rush, almost crazy. Some were across the wire but most [were in the studio]. 

You know, we were working on Yelawolf’s album, and we actually went to Detroit, to his studio. So, I was in the studio with him all night. 

It’s embarrassing. First, when you are in the presence of someone with so much energy, you often wonder what their lifestyle is like and what it is. Working with him was difficult because he was humble. Super humble. Super easy to talk to. He just sat at the back of the room in silence.

But the bad thing is, you know, all his furniture had his name on it, he had these pieces alone in the house. He was going crazy. 

But one thing that really impressed me was that he had no signs on the wall: a nice place but no signs, none of those things. We asked him what happened, and how his things were, he just wanted to remind himself what hunger was like. 

Now, we’re talking a few hundred million records, so there had to be paper all over the building! Yeah, he was cool like that, bro. It helped me understand that no matter how big you get in this, it should be your goal to stay calm.

Swae Lee Shares Vocals Inspired by Eminem

Diamond selling, Grammy winning singer Swae Lee is also famous for his amazing lyrics. Watch him belt out the chorus of “Stan”.

In a quick video shared by using Swae on tiktok, he describes the trap as “an excellent Sound to warm Up!”. However, Swae published it as a #duet, indicating that he had “Stan” in mind.

DJ Khaled Explains How He Made Eminem’s Feature, Reveals Dr. Dre Produced Album for Kanye

One of the maximum pleasing and unexpected coordinated efforts on DJ Khaled’s new assignment is the “utilize This Gospel (Remix)” accomplishment. Eminem and Kanye West and created through Dr. Dre.

The remix itself is, without a doubt, now not exclusive, yet many have been shocked to discover that it tracked down its method for DJ Khaled. The devoted performer made feel of what has been going on with Zane Lowe on tune New daily Radio:

That is a gift from Kanye, Dre, and Eminem! No longer best for me! Of the sector! Created by way of Dr. Dre and ICU. Kanye and I dealt with more than one piece of information, and we failed to entice them. 

It’s astounding. We in no way finished them. Kanye has a super deal going on; he’s doing a ton. I was known as Kanye some days in the past; I said, “i’ve a notion.” He got here to my domestic, just like, eighteen months earlier. He showed up at my domestic at 8 AM; I never found out he changed into coming. He tells the culinary specialist, “supply me eggs with ketchup.” he also drank. We visit my studio. I play tracks; he plays a new song. 

We, as a whole, empower each other. He plays me a first-rate series he made with certainly one of my deities, Dr. Dre. He gave me via and via. I used to be unable to accept what I used to be listening to! We had a wonderful social occasion in bed. He goes.

Which changed eighteen months ago. I let you know. He began to make bills for this series, and he could not complete it, thinking that he had appeared occupied. So I said, “I was given an idea.” I remember you playing me this song like Dr. Read more-Kanye West Lucky Me I See Ghosts Hoodie

Dre x Eminem x Kanye, and you all discussed God” – I used to argue that gospel. Then you answered, “I must support.” you know, you must not interfere with any guidance. He declared, “I have not been happy. But, we have to call Dre to get his approval and, almost, Em’s wish. So, in that situation, I called Dr. Dre recently managed to talk with him.

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