Essential Elements of That Most Medical Professionals Ignore to Add in a Resume

Again and again one can read of curious cases in which some “doctors” were able to practice for years, even though they did not have a license to practice medicine. To ensure that this does not happen with your application, HR managers now also take a careful look at the appendix; and this consists of the evidence of your claims on the résumé.

Avoid cumbersome queries from the potential employer and attach all necessary documents as copies or scans. You do not need to attach certificates from all courses; the exam grades should, however, already be included. The most important documents in the appendix are as follows:

  • High school diploma
  • Academic certificates (especially the state exams)
  • Certificates from internships
  • PhD certificate
  • job references

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The perfect doctor’s position for your curriculum vitae

When you incorporate these 15 essential tips on your medical resume, you will have a top-notch medical resume. Still unsure about the quality of your résumé? Then contact us and make your next application the best one. We look at your medical curriculum vitae and support you in optimizing it free of charge. If you wish, we can even take care of the complete creation of your medical resume for you.

I also have an insider tip for you: Instead of tailoring your résumé to a specific doctor’s position, you can find the position that exactly fits your résumé. Are you wondering how it works? I would be happy to tell you personally. But there is one thing I would like to say in advance: This service is completely free of charge for doctors. We want you to love your medical profession. The best thing to do is to contact us today, before your doctor’s position is taken.

Bonus tips for interns who want to convince with their CV when applying

Have you just successfully completed your medical studies? Then you don’t need to hold back when it comes to naming your professional stations and experiences. I have already written it above: go into a little bit of detail. How many night shifts did you do? What were the different areas of responsibility in your PFY? At this point, you are also welcome to go into more detail about possible key areas of study.

Resident doctors can also score points with a chic application photo. You can get this in a professional photo studio for as little as 20 euros. However, there is not much room for “creativity”; because such images are usually produced by the photographer as if on an assembly line. A mobile phone photo is only suitable as an application photo for an assistant doctor under the following conditions:

  • Sufficient quality (especially resolution and sharpness)
  • A serious demeanor (with appropriate clothing)
  • A sympathetic charisma (to stand out from conventional application photos)

In addition, interns usually have much better IT skills than their older colleagues and have a general affinity for technology. Your employer will be happy. After all, this may save him lengthy training in programs. Whether Microsoft Word, databases or various Internet browsers: You are welcome to list your skills.

Foreign languages ​​are also becoming increasingly important for the resume in the application as an assistant doctor. In the past few decades, the English language skills of interns have increased significantly. In order to stand out from your competitors, you should therefore have very good foreign language skills – at least in English. If necessary, you can take a corresponding course and brush up on the foreign language.

Avoid résumé clichés

Consider your CV as a personal advertisement to a potential employer. Here’s how to make yours stand out among the others on their desk.

When writing your CV, ask yourself, “Is that relevant, and does it promote me as a good fit for the job?”

Start by avoiding terms such as “hardworking,” “motivated,” and “driven” (more listed below). Find a unique way to communicate your goals and motivations, no matter how true they are. A recruiter or hiring manager may just have a few seconds to go over your CV, so duplicating words they’ve seen a hundred times won’t impress them. It is impossible to overestimate the value of relevance and personality.

Bonus tips for senior physicians and specialists who want to score points with their résumé when applying

One thing is certain: you have seen and experienced a lot in your career as a specialist. It is therefore even more important that you limit yourself to the information on your résumé that is essential for your role as a medical professional. Set thematic priorities in your résumé that perfectly match the senior physician position you are applying for.

There are seldom gaps in the résumé of senior physicians. Have you completed your specialist training part-time and has it accordingly taken a long time? Did you volunteer in South America? Would you rather be a mother than a doctor and have taken parental leave? Don’t worry: the right explanation is what counts. A good chief physician will understand this.

Nor do you need to worry that you are “too old” to get a senior physician position. There are more colleagues than you think who are still working as ward physicians at the age of 50 or more. Above all, you have powerful arguments on your side: Your enormous professional experience and possibly a unique specialization in your field. Both should be reflected in your résumé.

In particular, prospective senior physicians at the age of 35 fear that they will have disadvantages when applying. It is quickly predicted that there is no chance of a senior physician position; because the chief doctor suspected that you would get pregnant immediately. Aside from the fact that your employer is not interested in your family planning, you shouldn’t put yourself on the sidelines. Whether or not you mention your family on your resume doesn’t matter. I can assure you that there are enough family-friendly clinics that are desperately looking for doctors like you – even without children. We would be happy to introduce some of them to you.

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