Experience the Opulence of a Handwoven Banarasi Saree

A Banarasi saree is a traditional Indian saree handwoven in Varanasi, also known as Banaras, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 

These sarees are known for their intricate designs, luxurious fabrics, and fine craftsmanship. They are typically made from silk or a silk blend and feature detailed zari (gold thread) work and embroidery. They are considered a symbol of elegance and are often worn on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. 

Banarasi sarees are considered one of the finest sarees in India; owning one is a matter of pride for many women.

Why are Banarasi Sarees Famous?

  1. In addition to the luxurious fabrics and intricate designs, Banarasi sarees are also known for their unique motifs and patterns. Some popular motifs include floral, paisley, geometric designs, and images of gods and goddesses.

  2. The sarees are typically adorned with various colors, including red, green, gold, and silver. The zari work, a type of gold or silver threadwork, is done by artisans who are experts in the technique and is considered the hallmark of a Banarasi saree.

  3. The process of creating a Banarasi saree is a long and labor-intensive one. It begins with spinning the silk or silk blend yarns dyed in the desired colors. The yarns are then woven on a handloom, with intricate designs and motifs added using zari work and embroidery techniques. The final product is a luxurious and elegant saree that can take several weeks or even months to create.

  4. Banarasi sarees are also known for their durability and are considered a valuable investment for many women. They are often passed down through generations as heirlooms and are treasured for their beauty and craftsmanship.

  5. They are also considered a status symbol, and owning a banarasi saree is considered an achievement.

  6. Another important aspect of Banarasi sarees is the different silk types used to create them. The most commonly used silk is “Banarasi silk,” known for its fine texture and smooth finish. Different variations of Banarasi silk saree are also different variations, such as Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, and Jangla. Each of these variations has unique characteristics and is used to create different types of sarees.


Pure banarasi sarees are known for their versatility; they can be worn in a variety of different styles and can be paired with different types of blouses and jewelry. They can be worn in the traditional Indian way, draping around the waist and over the shoulder, or they can be worn in a modern way.

In recent years, Banarasi sarees have gained popularity in India and internationally. They are now being bought and worn by women of various cultures and are considered timeless pieces of clothing that can be worn on special occasions and events. Many online websites and stores like Taneira are witnessing the sale of Banarasi saree online in huge quantities.

In conclusion, Banarasi sarees are luxurious and elegant, versatile, timeless, and treasured for generations. They are a true representation of the rich culture and heritage of India. The different types of silk used and the various motifs and designs make each saree unique and special. It’s a piece of clothing that can be worn with pride and will always be admired for its beauty and craftsmanship.

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