Factors to be considered in Determining Which Commercial Juice Dispenser is Best for Use

A juice dispenser is a device that can hold a large quantity of juice and release it in small amounts as desired and controlled by an individual operating it. A commercial juice dispenser is a juice dispenser that is used in shops and restaurants to sell juice to customers.

This article focuses on the factors a businessman operating a shop or a restaurant should consider in determining which commercial juice dispenser is best for use.

Since you require a juice dispenser for commercial purposes, it is essential to determine which juice dispenser is easy to use. This will help reduce the waiting time of the customers who order juice at the shop or restaurants. Shorter queues and faster service delivery enhances customer satisfaction.


The commercial Juice dispenser to be purchased should be fast in producing and delivering juice. This is because it is very frustrating for customers to order juice and have to wait for an extended period to be served.

Material Used to Make the Juice Dispenser

The material used to make the juice dispenser is a significant factor to consider before deciding which juice dispenser is best to purchase. This is because you don’t want a juice dispenser made of a poor-quality material that will require so much time and money to fix in case of damage. The quality of the juice dispenser highly affects the commercial juice dispenser price in Kenya.

Size of the Chute

The chute of a juice dispenser is the opening in the juice dispenser through which the ingredients used to make the juice are fed to the dispenser. If you desire to make a large amount of juice in one instant, you should go for a juice dispenser with a larger chute size.

This is because a juice dispenser with a small chute size, in this instance, will result in the underutilization of the raw materials used to make the juice.


Before purchasing a juice dispenser, a buyer should consider a juice dispenser that they believe will serve them for a very long period without regular repair and maintenance.

A commercial juice dispenser must be reliable to ensure maximum profit from the juice sale.

Brand of the Dispenser

Buyers wishing to own a juice dispenser, especially for commercial purposes, should choose the type and brand they trust. If you have never used a juice dispenser before, you should go for a juice dispenser that has been tried and tested by other business owners and has produced good results.

Manual or Electric

Before buying a commercial dispenser, you should determine which type of juice dispenser suits your business, between a manual one and an electric one. It is not advisable to buy an electric dispenser in an area that is occasioned by power outages. However, if you desire to produce quality juice at a fast rate, you should go for an electric juice dispenser.


The factors mentioned above should be considered before a decision to purchase a commercial juice dispenser is made. Anyone wishing to own a commercial juice dispenser should read this article for tips and guidance.

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