Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Pallet Truck

Every warehouse has a unique layout of inventories. Most warehouses use pallets for arrangements, storage, and transportation of stocks. The standard pallets used are wooden and rigid, and their vehicle requires a pallet truck. Pallet truck makes it easier to move stacks of pallets. This article reviews factors to consider when purchasing a pallet truck.

A pallet Truck is a small piece of equipment with a horizontal handle to help in handling during transportation of pallets. It is the equipment used in warehouses and manufacturing companies to make work easier and reduce working time. They are of different types based on the operating power source and the material used in manufacturing.

  1. The load capacity

Pallet trucks handle different load capacities. An operator should not use a small pallet truck to carry a heavy load as this will increase the chances of breakage and health problems for the operator. The average weight the operator can haul over the surface determines the size of the pallet truck purchased. This calculation will reduce buying of heavy pallet trucks for small-scale production.

  1. The length of the fork

Pallet trucks have a fork for lifting pallets during the operation. The size of the division is dependent on the size of the pallets to be transported. Smaller sizes of knives compared to the size of pallets will break the pallets and cause inconvenience during transportation. The division also should not be too heavy or too light compared to the transport load.

  1. Cost

Pallets present in the market have varied prices. A buyer should spend an entire budget on the expenses incurred in purchasing a pallet truck and its accessories. The buyer should choose the most economical type of pallet truck by the perceived cost. The pallet truck price in Kenya greatly varies depending on the supplier.

  1. Operating environment

The environment influences the design of the pallet truck and the material used in manufacturing. A pallet truck transporting chemicals must be made of inert metals to avoid reaction in case of spillage. A pallet truck used in the salt vehicle has stainless steel. Pallets used on uneven grounds have springs to prevent breakage.

  1. Power source

Pallet trucks have various categories, including electric, manual, and semi-manual pallet trucks. A buyer without access to electricity should consider settling for a manual pallet truck. A buyer with limited access to electricity should choose a semi-manual pallet truck to ensure continuity of work during blackouts—warehouses with heavy loads require pallet trucks.

  1. Warranty

A pallet truck is a machine and can easily break down before a considerable time is over. A warranty is legally binding, uniting the buyer and the seller to cover any malfunction and accidents occurring before a time is over. Security is of different kinds, including accidents, fire, and theft. A pallet truck with a considerable warranty period is better than a pallet truck with no warranty.


Anyone considering purchasing a pallet jack should consider factors including the load capacity, the length of the fork, the operation environment, power source, cost, and warranty. Any manufacturer or seller should also provide the paperwork related to the pallet truck machine.

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