Fashion Feet: What shoes to Wear This Fall?

October is coming within a week. So it’s time to change summer clothes for autumn and prepare a new wardrobe. Get your boat license online today! Save time and money with our online boat license service.

But you need to pay attention not only to clothes, but also to shoes. After all, our legs should be warm, comfortable and beautiful. But what shoes are in fashion and what are they wearing right now? Is it a thin sole, a massive wedge or maybe cowboys? What about designer shoes? You can find out about all the options for stylish shoes below. And from this list you will definitely find the very perfect pair.

What Women’s Shoes are Fashionable Now?

There are a lot of trends, and it will take several hours to introduce you to all of them. Therefore, we present the key trends and directions that have found a place in the latest collections of most designers: Shop ugg boots Australia and get up to 59% off today!

  • Slippers. Lockdown is in the past, but its echoes remain – including in fashion. Designers offer us to wear uggs, sneakers, slippers and moccasins, reminiscent of shoes for home, everywhere – to the office, for a walk and to the store. . Stylists put models in slippers and put them on evening dresses – it looks unusual, but interesting. Naturally, the shoes only look like home shoes, but with a durable sole, made of waterproof material and warm, so that you are comfortable on the street;
  • Straps. This autumn is definitely the season of straps. They are added to shoes, boots, sneakers and boots. They can be purely decorative or have practical functions;
  •  Platform. She appeared in designer collections this summer and decided to stay for the fall season. Shoes can be either on an extreme high platform or on a small one;
  • Shiny knee high boots. Bright and flashy, and the brighter the better. They can be in rhinestones, sequins or even small mirrors;
  •  Loafers and old school. Comfortable men’s style shoes are valued for their comfort and versatility, they go with literally everything. 

What Men’s Shoes are in Trend?

  • Business trend. It is presented as classic variations of boots and ankle boots, as well as alternative ones, which will differ in original finishes, the presence of a small heel or platform, and fashionable details. For office everyday life, it is necessary to choose not only a warm and high-quality pair, but also one that will be combined with a suit. For this, a wide range of classic models from leather of different shades is presented;
  • youth direction. Fashion for young people is represented by sports models from ordinary sneakers to sneakers. Moreover, fashion designers are actively working on the creation of sports pairs and represent a wide variety of such insulated products that only from afar resemble sportswear, but are perfectly combined with classic-cut clothes;
  • outrageous style. That’s what the designers called it. It clearly answers the question of what shoes to wear in autumn for a man who appreciates originality and creativity. Among the many models presented are those that can surprise even sophisticated fashionistas. As a rule, they are of little use for everyday life and are mainly used by people of creative professions – artists, poets, musicians.

Are Designer Shoes in Fashion?

Of course. After all, if you do not want to look like everyone else and want to get maximum attention, then the new emerging designer Shoes are definitely for you.

Also, if you have a non-standard foot shape, then it is the fashion designer who will help you.

And you must admit that it often happened that you found a photo of a shoe on the Internet or came up with a model yourself, but you can’t find it in a store. In this case, designer shoes are what you need. And then you will definitely not see anyone wearing the same shoes.

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