Features of Induction Cooker and its Impact on Kitchen Efficiency

Cooking is a leisure activity to many, a hobby to some people, and a chore to others. Thank God, the advancement in technology has led to the innovation of kitchen appliances which improve efficiency in kitchen work. This article informs on the induction cooker and how it has impacted cooking technology.

An induction cooker is the latest technological advancement in cooking devices. If you do spend a lot of time preparing meals, your problem is solved by an induction cooker since its technology makes it the fastest in cooking compared to other devices.

Unique Features of an induction cooker

  • It has digital controls executed by touching- This technology improves heat control inaccurate requirements. The use of knobs to control heat sometimes becomes incorrect.
  • Only cooktop surfaces are heated- other areas remain cool when cooking. There are rare chances of getting burnt.
  • Its magnetic-electromagnetic power is greater than gas or electric power. Induction cookers use electromagnetic fields to cook food fast; that’s why it’s regarded as the fastest cooking device.
  • It has sync burners that can be used to maintain the temperature of the griddle and other large cookware. Sync burners are designed to maintain the temperature of two different elements.
  • It has an aluminum grill and a stainless-clad- induction cooker that cannot be affected by rusting. Cooking has become healthy and efficient.
  • It has bevel-edged glass that gives it a fancy look as it matches the latest kitchen finishes.
  • It is easier to install induction cookers since the cooktops are designed in a standard size to fit into the cooktop cutouts. You can even install it over an oven that is single-walled.

How does an induction cooker work?

An induction cooker has a ferromagnetic metal that enables it to get heated through electrical induction. It has a copper wire underneath, which supplies electrical current to the cooker, resulting in a magnetic flux. Heat is then formed since Eddie currents are produced in the cooker.

Before ordering an induction cooker, you should consider the model and quality of the device. The induction cooker price in Kenya is affected by the quality and the model you would like to purchase. A good induction cooker should be easy to use, best quality, and has maximum safety.

Benefits of an induction cooker

The induction cooker is the fastest cooking device. Since it uses an electromagnetic field to generate heat, it has the biggest capability to boil water or cook food within a short time. The heat produced is only transmitted to the cooktops. The other parts of the device remain cool when cooking, thus increasing efficiency.

It’s easy to clean since the food spillage doesn’t run through the hot surfaces. When food spills through hot surfaces, it gets burnt sticks and dries hence becoming hard to clean. Smart controls have also replaced the traditional knob; hence it’s precise and easy to control.

The energy efficiency of an induction cooker has been rated to be over 80%. It means that it’s more efficient than devices using electricity or gas to generate heat.


Going through this article, you are not in the position to be left behind in cooking technology. Induction cookers are the best in hygiene, efficient energy consumption, and the fastest cooking device. All households should acquire induction cookers for better environments.



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