Five Best Language Learning Applications

Picking up a new language isn’t only an awesome way for extending your knowledge, or knowing how to order your favorite coffee in a foreign country—it is also a fun way to interact with others, and make new friends. But gone are the days—we used to spend the dollar to buy boring books—and pay for boring classes. Today there are various language learning apps that make the process less boring and more fun. 

Whether you’re seeking to master a new language to fit in a new community—or you’re just afraid of missing out when others are having fun in a foreign language—there are different language learning apps that can be particularly beneficial in any case. 

But while there are many different types of apps in the world today, we understand that it can also be a little tricky to pick the right system from the market. As such, we have put together comprehensive info regarding our 5-best apps for learning a foreign language.

  1. LiveXP — Best for One-On-One Lessons With Native Speakers 

While in most cases it’s always often to discuss the best things first—there’s often that nice feeling about saving the best things for last. And although there are plenty of other trending apps at the marketplace—LiveXP seems to be the most preferred—if not particularly the best app for Language Study Online. Many users are repeatedly sharing their awesome experiences with this app.  

Furthermore, LiveXP lets you learn through interacting with native speakers and professional teachers from all over the world. Therefore, if you were hoping to find the best app for learning, or teaching languages online—LiveXP might be your next best thing to explore. In fact, it’s an awesome way of staying sharp with your language skills by learning languages on the go.

  1. Italki — Learn Through Free-Flowing Conversations

There is certainly no better way you can beat real-life conversations as the fastest way to take your language skills to the next level. iTalki will get you out of your comfort zone, and enhance your vocabulary—while testing the much you know. Further, this tutoring app simplifies the process of getting one-on-one support with a mentor who’s able to help you find your voice. 

Learning a foreign language has never been made so interesting. With iTalki, classes are made as free-flowing conversations. You can choose to talk about almost anything. Also, you need to be prepared. A long conversation in a new language can be tiresome.

  1. Duolingo — The Free Language Learning Software

Learning a second language doesn’t often have to get boring. Perhaps, there are several reasons why Duolingo is among the top trending language apps in the marketplace. Aside from being just accessible—Duolingo has an elegant design—but above all—it’s absolutely free

Equally, the courses are broken down into small chunks and it almost feels like you’re actually playing a game. Also, languages in this app are divided into categories like business, or clothing—and also into pronouns, verbs, and adjectives among other grammatical lessons.

  1. Babbel — Great Software Overall for Learning a New Language

One of the good things about Babbel is that it’s focused on conversational learning and explains the grammatical rules while you’re progressing. Similarly, this app is broken into classes that last between 10 to 15 minutes each. This application is also packed with vast courses that cover different abilities—including those which are designed for beginners, and advanced learners.

Accordingly, while Babbel offers a free lesson for every new user, you’re still required to spend the dollar to gain access to the learning materials for a single language. A monthly subscription fee of $7 is charged to help you gain access to more lessons.

  1. Pimsleur — Great Software to Learn Languages On The Go

Technology has advanced in such a way that learning a new language is much easier today. Unlike other apps for learning languages that often have some interactive on-screen games—Pimsleur is typically made for learners who prefer to learn by listening rather than watching a lesson or playing a game. 

While this app still doesn’t have a large user base, it still receives plenty of awesome customer reviews at the google play store, and currently has an average of 4.7-star rating at the Play Store. Equally, if you want to focus on conversation, this software provides on-the-go speaking practice which helps learners by answering questions as well as repeating a phrase aloud.


While learning languages used to involve reading multiple translated books, and paying for physical tutoring—the dawn of technology has made it even better for learners today. Since there’s never a perfect moment to start a new thing, perhaps we can take advantage of the French lessons on Skype the trending app for learning French. Since this app gives us the privilege of practicing, and mastering a foreign language without needing to spend an extra dollar—does it even hurt to try one?

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