Five Primary Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Posho Mill

A posho mill grinds wheat, maize, and other grains into flour. In most rural areas in Kenya, posho mills are widely used to grind maize since it is the staple food. The following article looks at the factors to consider before buying a posho mill.

Five Primary Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Posho Mill

Posho mill machines are of different brands depending on the manufacturing company. The devices differ in price in the market. It would help if you always made the right choice before purchasing this machine. The machine must achieve your needs and your customer needs.

Knowing milling machines is suitable. This article contains factors that equip you with the knowledge you should have and include: power source, price, posho mill size, convenience, and flour needed.

Power source

Diesel and electricity are the primary source of power for posho mills. A posho mill comes with either a diesel engine or an electric motor. In some places where electricity cannot be assessed, a convenient source of power will be diesel. In urban areas, electricity can be reached easily, and electricity can be a suitable power source.

Price of the posho mill

Manufacturers determine the posho mill prices in Kenya. Each manufacturing company sets a different price. Also, different suppliers in the market will charge their mill differently. Some may lure you into purchasing their mill at a higher price by deceiving you to be the best. It is significant to research to know where the price ranges to avoid overspending.

Posho mill size

Before purchasing the posho mill, you should consider the storage space available. There are mills of small size and others of large size. If you need to buy a mill that grinds flour for a small locality, small posho mills are efficient. It would help if you considered big milling machines when you want the milling for commercial purposes.


Not all milling machines are capable of grinding all kinds of grains. Many of the devices do not grind watery or oily nuts. The convenience of the machine affects the posho mill prices in Kenya since a machine capable of grinding many kinds of grain will be expensive compared to grinding few types of grain.

Also, convenience describes the speed at which the machine will be milling. Machines using electricity will serve many customers a few times since its operation is easy (done by pressing a few buttons).

Flour needed

Some maize milling machines produce flour of smooth textures and others of coarse textures. People have different demands of flour textures, soft or coarse. Some machines can be adjusted to deliver both textures. Though the adjustable machines are not cheap to acquire, they will serve many clients compared to one type.


As a buyer, your focus should be to satisfy the clients’ needs by choosing a suitable posho mill machine. Making a wrong choice could depart you from many potential customers. Before you purchase the machine, understand the market first to avoid being overpriced. Additionally, have more understanding of the place you intent to install the mill. For more, visit

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