Forget the Password? Remove Password from PDF Right Away!

Encryption is a terrific way to keep your files safe from unaccredited access, but what if you forget the password? Or there is some content in an encrypted PDF file that everyone else on their computer can see too. This article will show how easy it could be to unlock everything!

With aJoysoft PDF Password Remover (Windows and Mac), you can remove any password protection from your files in seconds. It is easy! All it takes is one click and then the software does everything else for us–no need to worry about complex removal processes!

What is the aJoysoft PDF Password Remover?

Is there a single tool that can meet all your requirements for a top-notch PDF Password Remover in Windows and Mac?It may be a question you are asking yourself, especially if you have just lost access to a crucial document or working under a strict deadline.

We know that it can be tough to find a useful tool that does not require spending any money. So, we did the arduous work for you and evaluated all the popular options to find the one that is best for removing PDF passwords in 2022. 

The answer is simple, aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is arguably the best free PDF password remover in 2022.
aJoysoft PDF Password Remover works on any operating system, whether Windows or Mac. It has a friendly GUI, removes passwords quickly, uploads multiple files at once, and is free from any annoying and dangerous viruses.
No more headaches trying to remember passwords or editing restrictions. Their User Interface is easy to use and efficient, allowing you to print, share, and edit your PDFs without any trouble.

Features of This PDF Password Remover

Remove Permissions Password without knowing password:

  • aJoysoft PDF Password Remover lets you unlock permission access without knowing the password. If a PDF does not have an open or user-level protection, there will be no lock icon visible when editing it in this program and removing restrictions with “Remove Password” immediately removes all limits so that printing, editing copy right content across devices is possible!

Remove the Open/User password permanently by entering the password once:

  • There will be a prompt stating: “The document has an open password” if the PDF is protected by an Open password. You need to enter the current authentication code in order unlock it.” 
  • Next, select your new PIN and click ‘OK’! The security measure on the PDF will be by-passed. 
  • Click “Remove Password” to wipe out all PDF Passwords and Save the PDF without any Passwords.

Batch remove password from PDF document

  • With aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, you will be able to unlock files of any type in no time. The one-click utility allows for individual processing or batch unlocking which saves valuable hours when working with this program’s powerful encryption capabilities!

No file size limitations for the PDF document

  • for Windows and mac is the perfect solution if you need to create an unlimited number of files without any file size limitations.

More secure than online solutions

  • We never want our documents to be uploaded onto an online solution that could jeopardize their safety and confidentiality. To ensure this does not happen, use the aJoysoft PDF Password Remover–the only program you will need for safe access!


If you are looking for a quick and straightforward way to get your PDFs unlocked and ready to use, aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is the perfect program for you. With just one click, you can have all your restrictions removed and be able to copy or edit your documents as you please. Do not miss this must-have Password Protect Folder tool for any business or individual who constantly works with PDF files;

download a copy today and start enjoying unrestricted access to your documents!

So why wait? Try it today!

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