Four of the best table from Mancala

Today, there are a huge number of giants working in the world of slots, producing and updating their own cash games. They differ from each other with unique features (animations, bonuses and other effects). Mancala Gaming Company offers to enjoy the gameplay with its applications created for online casinos. The article will present 4 best slots of the world famous developer. 

Gold of the Pharaohs: a magnificent journey into the world of ancient Egypt

The game application Gold of the Pharaohs offers us to return to the times of ancient Egypt and go on an exciting journey. This game offers a fascinating atmosphere with bright graphics and a cool soundtrack of ethnic orientation. By the way, the crazy time slot is similar to this game in terms of volatility. Here, too, players compete for six-figure sums.

Let’s list the features of the slot Gold of the Pharaohs:

  • Free spins allow you to win additional prizes;
  • Universal symbol replaces any other symbol that fell out on the game lines, and helps players to enrich themselves by making winning combinations;
  • Progressive multiplier system can increase the amount of winnings several times.

Jackpot is constantly growing and can reach a huge amount. The player has a chance to get rich in an instant. 

Magic Roulette: a unique combination with marvelous graphics

The slot offers a combination of a classic machine and roulette game. That is what is present here as the main bonus.

Here are the distinctive features of the Magic Roulette slot:

  • Mini games can diversify the gameplay and get additional cash prizes, as well as incomparable emotions;
  • Roulette, where players can usefully spend time and multiply their capital.
  • A unique bonus is an additional multiplication of any fallen combination on the lines of the slot machine.

Advanced features allow you to enjoy the classic slots, as well as immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of the casino, as for a few minutes take a person to the roulette table.

Maya Treasures: profitable adventures in the jungle

Slot Maya Treasures is an exciting adventure in the depths of the impenetrable jungles of North America, where formerly stood the cities of the Aztec civilization. You get a chance to find ancient treasures, thanks to the gameplay, thought out to the smallest detail.

Some of the features of the slot Maya Treasures:

  • A fortune-telling multiplier of 2 allows players to double their winnings or lose everything in a second;
  • Free Spins offer the opportunity to get a certain number of free spins, which increases the chances of winning.
  • Multipliers can increase your winnings by several times while keeping your bet level.

Filling symbols can overlap the vertical lines of the machine and help players make winning combinations.

Magic Crystals: stunning graphics and unique bonuses

The slot for gambling enthusiasts Magic Crystals offers users an exciting process, and promises a person a great holiday, as well as a chance to increase their cash. Crystals are the key to unique bonuses, which will be detailed below.

The main features of the Magic Crystals slot are as follows

  • Bonus mini games can help a gambler to win additional prizes and free spins, and increase the chance of hitting the jackpot.
  • Free spins icons can activate free spins, and this increases the chances of cash winnings.
  • Mega Bonus offers to spin the big wheel of fortune, and win huge amounts.
  • Fortune-telling with a multiplier option of 2 gives you the chance to double your winnings, but otherwise takes away the full amount of money dropped on the line.

Slots from Mancala give players a unique experience and open a limitless world of excitement. Anyone of legal age can try their luck on these four slots. This is a great chance to spend your time on adrenaline-pumping slots and a chance to maximize your savings. You should not miss the chance to try your luck, and miss the opportunity to become a rich man.

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