Game releases: new games of the year for PC and consoles

And with it the first gaming events of the new year. Because the coming month is rich with famous blockbusters, some of which players have been looking forward to for years: whether it’s the open-world RPG Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the new From Software epic Elden Ring or the post-apocalyptic hit for Dafabet India online – just has everything your heart desires and could be one of the best You can find out what exciting games you can expect in our big preview release.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human      

4 February 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX

We’re kicking off the new month with one of the highest-profile names ever: Dying Light 2: Stay Human . After several delays, the post-apocalyptic open-world role-playing game is finally out for PC and consoles and is said to offer plenty of content: developer Techland recently announced that you can even deal with the title for 500 hours! Whether this is true remains to be seen. A fast-paced parkour-style movement system, bloody hand-to-hand combat, a fast-paced story and a huge game world definitely sound promising. Buy Dying Light 2: Stay Human (AT-PEGI) on Amazon.

Maglam Lord      

4 February 2022 | PS4, NSW

Maglam Lord was released for the Japanese market last year. The February 4 action RPG now wants to conquer the West too. How, exactly? Especially with its crisp, real-time battles in which you combine demonic powers with powerful sword attacks and use them to slap huge monsters on their asses. Thanks to a sophisticated crafting system, you can even forge different blades yourself! It all culminates in an anime-inspired story, which is typically Japanese, also has a few romance options up its sleeve. Order Maglam Lord on Amazon.

Mir OllieOllie      

8 February 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, NSW

Shake the dust off your skateboard, let’s get back on the streets! This time, though, not with the new installment of the Tony Hawk series, but with OlliOlli World . The 2D skill game takes you through the colourful world of Radlandia, where on ramps and rails you perform dizzying tricks, master the combo system and hunt for high scores. Linear sandbox levels challenge you again and again with challenging missions. With them, you unlock new customisation options for your character that can then prove themselves in online leagues.

Model builder      

8 February 2022 | PC

There are now simulators for just about every everyday activity: cooking, repairing, customising your PC and so on. Model Builder has added another feature: in the game you have to assemble car models, paint them, and then display them on a virtual shelf. In career mode, you can even take over your Grandpa Stan’s workshop, take orders and sell homemade planes, tanks or ships for a profit. It’s what the game world has been waiting for!


8 February 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5

The creators of Absolver are back with their new work: Sifu . Like its spiritual predecessor, it’s a martial arts action game with RPG elements. This time, however, the multiplayer aspect has been completely thrown overboard and replaced with an emotional revenge story. It revolves around a young kung fu apprentice who wants to get even with his family’s killers. To do so, you must master three fighting styles, use weapons and environmental items, unlock new skills, and use a unique aging feature: each death makes your character a little older. This increases your attack power, while your life force decreases.

Power to Humans      

February 8, 2022 | PC City Builders

Hobby can mark 8 February on their calendars in bold. Then Power to the People appears. The building simulator takes its name very literally. As such, your only task is to provide power to an ever-growing city. It may seem simple, but with complex resource management, research options and natural disasters it can become quite challenging. Can you cope with the growing demand for energy and make sure your customers are happy? Figure it out!

Diplomacy is not the answer      

9 February 2022 | PC

If you prefer defence to power plants, check out Diplomacy Is Not an Option. Combining city-building, real-time strategy and tower defence, it’s all about protecting your castle from all sorts of dangers, from rebellious peasants to bloodthirsty monsters. To do this you build catapults, train archers and fortify the walls. But you also need to supply your own population. So you should also squeeze in some farms and workshops between the barracks and towers.


10 February 2022 | CBO, XXX

Shooter fans can get their money’s worth with CrossfireX. The Xbox exclusive comes with a compelling campaign that sheds light on the conflict between the Black Risk and Global Risk mercenary factions. It’s even been worked on by Remedy Entertainment, creators of Alan Wake and Control! In addition, you can also expect an extensive multiplayer mode that comes with the genre’s typical content package: numerous weapons, modes and customisation options for the player’s arsenal and character.

Rise of the Third Power      

10 February 2022 | PC, PS4, XBO, NSW

Rise of the Third Power is a love letter to classic console RPGs such as Final Fantasy. Accordingly, there’s a charmingly retro look and a turn-based combat system in which you’ll have to use the abilities of your eight playable characters wisely. But of course, there’s also an emotional story that revolves around the fate of the world. As the title Third Power already suggests, the political world events of the 1930s and 40s served as a rough template, but were then transposed into a fantasy setting.

The Lost Ark      

11 February 2022 | personal computer

Will it actually be a much-publicised Diablo killer or just the next non-start-up game under the Amazon Games label? On 11 February that question will finally be answered when Lost Ark is released exclusively for PC. What we already know: an RPG with clear battles, an extensive class and skill system and a huge fantasy world full of quests, raids, PvP duels and, of course, loot. So, everything that made Diablo great. The biggest difference: Lost Ark is completely free to play.


February 14, 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, NSW

Did you really think February would be without a retro pixelated indie game? You should have known better. Infernax actually looks pretty promising! The developers are giving you a 2D adventure in the style of the early parts of Castlevania with grim dungeons, nasty boss battles and a complex character system. This mix is held together by the story of a brave knight who must free his homeland from a curse. Your decisions affect the outcome of the story.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Legacy of the Sith      

February 15, 2022 | PC

To celebrate 10 years of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the latest add-on, Legacy of the Sith, will be released on February 15. Their most important new feature: combat styles. In the future, class history and playstyle are to be separated from each other. So a soldier can also wield a sniper rifle, and a Sith Inquisitor can wield lightsabers in both hands. Or you can use the powers of the dark side despite being a member of the Jedi Order. Also included: a new ignition point, a new operation and the completion of the Manaan storyline.

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