Gamezy: The best platform for cricket lovers

With the enormous popularity of cricket in India, the Gamezy fantasy app has a unique means that helps cricket fans earn while watching their favorite game. It is a treat for cricket fans who wish to participate in the game and win real cash and exciting prizes.

First of all, download the fantasy cricket app and log in as a first-time user. Once you have logged in, you need to create your team by selecting 11 players of your choice. When your team has been finalized, comprising 11 players, you have to wait for the match result. Fantasy cricket is reaching new horizons across the globe. It is where game lovers invest based on their experience and knowledge about the game and win exciting rewards and real cash.


Gamezy has presented a fantastic game for all cricket lovers. Apart from watching your favorite game, cricket, you can earn real cash. Playing fantasy cricket is not difficult; only you to follow certain norms to play online fantasy cricket. You have to make your account once the application has been downloaded.

The next step is to create a team of 11 players and start playing. The performance of your team will decide the amount of winning for you. The right kind of strategies is required in playing fantasy cricket online. For this, you should possess proper and sound knowledge about the cricket game. In the Gamezy app, you will be provided with an opportunity to participate in numerous real cricket matches. You can select and game and invest accordingly.

If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to earn exciting prizes while watching cricket, log in to the Gamezy fantasy app and utilize your gaming skills and expertise.

Kohli vs AB de Villiers

When the question arises: Kohli vs AB de Villiers? The answer is that both are extraordinary and experienced players. Villiers and Kohli possess similar kinds of talent. Villiers is more inclined towards playing unconventional shots.

If we look at the playing styles of both big shots, AB is more aggressive while playing shots and often hits the ball in the air quite often. On the other hand, Kohli is also a hostile player, but he hits the ground. In that case, AB gets bold due to rash playing and Kohli has some better chances of hitting.

Nest comes to the batting order of both the players. AB usually hits the ground by coming at no 4 while the batting order of Kohli is no 3. Taking into account this, Kohli gets adequate time to pace his innings as compared to AB. It has been observed that batting at no. 4 needs hard-hitting. That is why AB is more aggressive and has little time to step his innings. Considering this, it is still unbelievable for AB to play huge scores.

As counting on all the factors mentioned above, it has been concluded that both are remarkable players and meticulous in their defined roles.

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