Gaming industry in New Zealand witnesses a significant growth by $121 million.

The gaming industry in New Zealand witnessed a jump of $121 million during the period March 2020 and March 2021 as per a report. There was an annual growth of 42% in this sector, registering an annual revenue of $324 million in 2020.

The New Zealand Game Developer Association revealed figures that showed the country’s emergence as a hub for developers in the gaming industry, trying to transform it into a billion dollar industry.

New Zealand has implemented many such programs that will boost education for the budding developers in the country. Moreover, there is great opportunity for video game development in the country. In fact, many schools in New Zealand offer skills and training in game development.

Increasingly, there is a trend that shows that more and more schools or educational institutes are hiring senior developers and also 4 to 5 junior developers so that they can be trained under the senior expert in game development.

Applying expertise for the muchsought-after slot machines

Having said about gaming creation and the growth in this industry, there is another division of online gaming that has become very popular in the country. This is essentially the online casino gaming market. And just why has the gambling market in New Zealand grown in the last one year? Let us find out more about the same.

1. Gaming socially.

Most of the people in NZ prefer to play online games across many social media platforms like Facebook. You will be able to play video poker and many other games for no cost. In majority of the cases, these games are either single player or multi-player games.

2. Playing on hand-held devices.

Mobile gaming is fast catching up and has gained immense prominence these days. To ward off monotony and a confined life due to the pandemic, mobile game downloads have seen an upswing. And it will not be wrong to say that more and more players are chasing their dreams in an effort to win the best casino bonus on their mobile devices.

The trend to play mobile games has also given rise to the popularity of the slot machines at the virtual casinos.

3. Online sports betting.

When the gaming season ends in the other continents, New Zealand is still alive and many players place bets on sports like horse racing and other famous sports. Reports also suggest that 60% of the sports betting is done on horse racing. New Zealanders have developed a keen interest in sports  betting, which is only growing in number each year.

4. New Zealand dollar is being accepted.

It is being increasingly seen that more and more online casinos are accepting NZ dollar. Not only that since this segment of business is doing brisk business these days, the online casinos have added for their customers other modes of payment options as well, which also includes cryptocurrencies.

Last but not the least, affordability is one factor that has played a major role. New Zealand perhaps is on the top of the list when it comes to growth in the number of online casinos. Not only that online casino is the best place to win your best casino bonus since this is the best platform for new entrants in the world of gambling.

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