Get Ready To FTMO Review For Forex Trading

This FTMO review will cover the benefits of the service, as well as some of the features you will find. It has a 90:10 profit split, a capital scaling plan, a free 7-day trial, and a team of performance coaches to assist you. It will also provide you with a comprehensive strategy that is sure to help you succeed. FTMO is one of the few brokers that offers a 90:10 profit split, which is a good deal for new traders. In addition to this, the broker offers a 90:10 profit split for traders who pass the evaluation course. In addition to this, the broker offers several educational tools and analytical tools for traders to use. The company also offers support to its members.

What Is FTMO Broker Review?

FTMO is a very unique platform that gives out capital to traders who are profitable. In return, they keep 90 percent of the profits while the company keeps 10%. In this way, FTMO looks for profitable traders in need of funding and provides them with the money and tools they need to succeed. It sounds like a dream come true – you get to trade other people’s money without risking your own capital at FTMO review.

FTMO is a forex trading platform that offers leverage of up to 1:100 and 44 currencies. The company pays traders based on their performance, and the company evaluates its trader’s performance every four months. The payout ratio is up to 90:10, but it can go higher if the trader is skilled and consistent.

It Offers A Capital Scaling Plan

If you are new to forex trading and want to start making more money, you can take advantage of FTMO’s capital scaling plan. This program gives you a chance to double the size of your account every four months. To qualify, your account must have profited by at least 10% for four consecutive months. It also requires that you have managed to generate two payouts within a year. FTMO offers accounts in several currencies, including USD and EUR/GBP. Its minimum deposit amount is just €155, while its maximum daily loss is a maximum of $200,000. Its challenge fees are set in Euros, so they vary depending on the currency chosen. The company also offers a swing account, which lets you trade over the weekend, but only offers 1:30 leverage.

To use FTMO’s capital scaling plan, traders must process two payouts within a four-month cycle, and they must be above their initial account balance. By scaling up their accounts, FTMO traders can earn up to $2,000,000 while retaining a low profit split of 90%. Moreover, FTMO clients can trade not just Forex pairs but stocks, indices, and commodities, which gives them the flexibility to make more money.

FTMO provides tools for analyzing trade performance, which help traders improve their risk management, psychology, and discipline. The platform also provides a demo account for fourteen days before the real trading account is opened. Withdrawal of profits is also permitted after this period.

Levels of funding

There are different levels of funded trading account available for trading accounts. Each level offers different features and parameters for the funded trader. A properly funded trading account offers freedom and transparency. Nevertheless, you must check the qualification requirements and the profit sharing percentage. It is important to compare all features to determine if the conditions are worth the money you invest.

Typically, before receiving funding, the trader must pass an evaluation period and prove profitability within the risk management parameters set forth by the prop firm. For example, a prop firm may require a trader to generate at least 10% profit over a period of twenty days without experiencing any drawdowns. After passing this initial evaluation, the trader is well on their way to being funded. Depending on the prop firm, additional evaluations may be necessary.

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