Get to Know More About Decra Roofing Sheets In Kenya

Think of it, life is already full of uncertainties, and the choice of roofing is one of them. Especially when we think of the drudgery that comes with wading through roofing options considering the costs involved.  You’ve probably heard about the Decra Roofing, how does the monetary investment- prices make you feel?

What are Decra Roofing Sheets?

You might be wondering what this Decra metal roofing is, right? Well, these sheets are those small rectangular panel-like forms of roofing that you see around in your city. They are mostly made of steel. Check out the picture below to get an image of what we’re talking about.

Cost of a Decra Metal Roof

As you can tell from the above picture, these are not the everyday kind of roofs that one can get and afford so easily- just by the look of the appearance. But then, let’s discuss the Decra Roofing Sheets Prices Kenya. Taking into consideration all the technology and care probably applied in the processing of these stone coated-steel roofs, I perceive them to be quite more costly than necessary. This is probably what most of us assume.

However, what is the actual cost of Decra Sheets? In the market currently, one can acquire this roofing with an approximate cost of Ksh. 850 – 1450 per square foot. In comparison to other roofing styles listed below, Decra sheets are reasonably pricedas follows:

Corrugated metal: Ksh. 440 – 660 per square foot

Decra metal: Ksh. 850 – 1450 per square foot

Standing seam metal: Ksh. 990 – 1500 per square foot

From what we see from the above data, Decra metal roofing is averagely priced. One opting for the cheapest, which is the corrugated metal roofing, will have to consider the commonly assumed concept that “The lower the prices, the lower the quality, and on the other hand the higher prices the higher the quality. This is not saying that the corrugated sheets are of poor quality but the Decra sheets are of much better quality.

What can be accounted for the relatively high pricing in Decra roofing systems?

Some of the factors affecting the pricing of the Decra sheets include:

The style of making of the metal shingle– By this, we mean the small rectangular- panel appearance which gives the roofing an aesthetic look, compared to the bare look in any other regular roofing.

Panel ThicknessDecra roofing tiles are much thicker giving that sense of “more durable”, in the sense that they won’t be able to rust quickly or even keep having leakages.

Materials used in the manufacturing process–The Decra roofing is made of 5 different layers in terms of their composition and the role of each. This we have:

Layer 1: zinc alloy which is steel coated with aluminum to prevent rusting

Layer 2: brown tint resin

Layer 3: A durable acrylic design which brings about the adhesive nature

Layer 4: stone-like granules for the rough texture

Layer 5: an over glaze that brings about the aspect of longevity

Installation methods– Clearly, the Decra roofing isn’t some skill that just requires the use of hands. There’s more to that for Decra and a lot of skills are required.

With all the above, we can account for the pricing of the Decra roofing sheets.

Bottom line

If you’re a roofing contractor or a business person looking for something that is of value and affordable, Decra roofing sheets are it. The prices are worth every penny of it. Furthermore, they’re not even the most expensive but still get to give it all that one would wish in a roofing system. Let’s choose to get the value of the products that we purchase.

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