Guide on how to Select a High-Pressure Water Pump

High-pressure water pumps are designed to discharge water at high pressure. They can only discharge water but not any other fluid. This article gives guidance on the qualities, different types, and durability of the high-pressure water pump. It also acknowledges on features of an excellent high-pressure water pump.

High-pressure water pumps are mainly used by cleaning and cutting companies. It means that these pumps are primarily for commercial purposes. The pressure in these pumps is created when water passes through the discharge nozzle, producing kinetic energy, which can cut and remove dirt from surfaces.

Factors to consider when selecting these pumps

Flow rate is the water capacity that can be discharged at a particular time. High-pressure water pumps are selected regarding specific applications and performance. Therefore, you should determine the flow rate of a pump to pressurize water to the level you desire to operate in.

Power supply– power rating must be suitable to the particular high-pressure water pump. To determine the correct power rating, find the pump’s flow rate, capacity, and pressure. These pumps’ power sources are hydraulic power, electricity, and gasoline since gasoline produces high power. High-pressure water pumps come in both electric and gasoline powered.

Pressure refers to the kinetic energy that can be derived from the discharged water. The water pressure should be corresponding to the application of the pump. Cleaning companies require a pressure of about 3000psi to 5000psi to gain force that can remove dirt from surfaces. Companies that do cutting operations need a very high pressure of about 30000psi to 50000psi to achieve enough force that can object.

Filter systems– Pimps inlet should have filters to prevent particles from getting into the pump. Damages occur when solid particles get into the pumps. The engine of a high-pressure water pump must be protected to enable the production of the required pressure.

Tubing– The tubing or the pipes used for supply must be strong enough to withstand the exerted pressure. High-pressure water pumps cannot use standard tubing. Their tubing must be reinforced with a wire mesh of three layers to prevent bursting and enhance durability. Hydraulic hoses are best to use with high-pressure water pumps as they can withstand the high pressures associated with hydraulic systems and are designed to be more flexible and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Brands and prices

The quality and the brand of the pump determine the high pressure water pump price in Kenya. Before purchasing these pumps, you should know the particular pump that will match your application and select the best one.

Application of High-pressure water pumps

High-pressure water pumps are used in various applications, such as industrial cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning. The high pressure improves efficiency since less time will be taken during cleaning activity. Materials that can be cut using these high-pressure water pumps include wood, plastic, concrete, and any other soft material.

They can be used for renovation. For example, old plaster can be removed for repair in the construction industry. Grease stains are always the hardest to clean. These pumps can be used to remove stains and also access hard-to-clean areas in a house.

Having reviewed this article, you should be aware of this technology. Determine your suitable application of these pumps and acquire them to improve efficiency in your industry.



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