Guide to Capsa Susun for IDN Poker for Beginners

Capsa stacking from IDN Poker is also known as Gin Rummy or Chinese Poker. The basis of this bet is to arrange cards starting from the largest initial, mid and final set. Each set will have its own points. To win the match you have to be able to make the final set bigger than the middle, then the middle is bigger than the start.

At the beginning of the game the dealer will also give you 13 cards for you to arrange. 13 cards in one hand might be a challenge for you. Meanwhile, the drafting process itself is almost like a hoe, where you can pick up cards that are discarded by other players.

At the same time you can take cards in the deck that has been shuffled by the dealer. However, you can’t have more than 13 cards in your hand, so when picking up cards that have been discarded or from the deck. You must discard one more card in hand. We will find out more below.

Capsa Arrange Fun Betting

If you want to experience an interesting IDNPoker game full of opportunities, then you can choose Capsa Susun. Because there are so many opportunities that can occur in this game. Mainly because of the number of cards played in one game.

Then also the rules that require you to arrange the set of cards in your hand into the beginning, middle and end. Each of these sets should be larger than the previous one starting from last to start. Actually, if you have memorized all the top card sets in poker.

So when playing Chinese poker you can be more direct in arranging each set from the end to the beginning. To understand each of the points obtained, you can find out below:

  • 5 points for the Three of Kind at the top
  • 3 point Full House in the middle
  • 1 point if Full House is at the bottom
  • 14 points will be awarded if the Four of a Kind is in the middle
  • 7 points for Four of a Kind below
  • 18 points will be obtained when Straight Flush in the middle
  • 9 points for a straight flush that goes under
  • 22 points for a straight flush in the middle
  • 11 point Straight Flush for under
  • 9 points for the 3 straights you get
  • 9 points also for 3 flushes
  • 9 points will be earned for 6 pairs
  • 18 points for a set of 5 pairs and 1 three of a kind
  • Jackpot Dragon 39 points
  • Dragons that have the same color will have 139 points

For this dragon combination, it is a complete arrangement from Ace, 1, 2 to J, Q, K. The percentage for this type of set comes out very small, plus there will definitely be many cards that are wasted or taken by the opponent.

As for the dragon type with the same color with a total of 139 points, it’s even more difficult. That means you should have a set of As to K of the same color type. It’s not easy, but when you automatically exit, you win and get a very big profit.

Number of Players Determines

Capsa Susun can be played by up to four players. Generally starting from 2 players, the final output will be more complex when the players reach 4 people. Whereas if there are only 3 players, then the set for the fourth person will not be used and will be left alone.

Because the method of winning this capsa stacking bet is quite easy. That is, just arranging cards, the course of the match will be quite smooth and will not require a lot of confrontation. Like IDNPoker, where players must continue to bet in each session.

And be aware of the steps that will be taken by the enemy. You will not experience these things while playing capsa stacking. Because the amount of profits and wins is determined by the arrangement of the set of cards in hand, as well as the total points obtained. Even though it looks simple, you still need to think about the right strategy.

Moreover, then the players involved in the match reached 4 people. Then the contest to get the best set will be even more difficult, so you have to be quick in taking the available cards, or choosing cards from the decks on the betting table.

Then don’t forget that when you finish taking the card you want, you have to be careful, because you also have to throw away the cards in your hand. Don’t let the card that will be made into a set be thrown away. Choose each step correctly and avoid making mistakes.

Because mistakes made such as throwing away one card, where the next card will become a set to win is a fatal action. It’s clear that cards that are wasted and then hit will not be able to take them back.

Move Quickly To Outperform Your Opponents

The term first come first serve is very suitable for Capsa Susun, because any player who manages to arrange may declare a showdown by placing the card face down on the table. Then all open the cards including you and do the point calculations.

That means it has become an absolute law in Capsa Susun to move quickly. In the sense that you must not hesitate and must be able to project which steps will be taken. Also fast in the sense that you are not careless in taking or discarding cards.

But be fast in making sets that have high points and are likely to make you win. For example, in one condition where there are many double cards in your hand, this means that it is better to focus on collecting three of a kind only.

Instead of looking for other complementary wins. Of course the goal is so that you can achieve victory more quickly. It is logical to find a way to win faster that will be very effective.

Rather than expecting the presence of a complete set in your hand, it will take longer. When you waste too much time looking for the set you want, your opponent may already have a more complete set than you do.

Additional Rules

There are several additional rules when betting on the Capsa Susun market, some of which are:

Scooping : namely the rule where when there are 4 players in a match, then 1 player manages to beat all the other players. Then he will get an additional bonus.

Fouled Hand : the term is cheating, if it is indicated when a player has more than 13 cards or takes illegal actions. Then the opponent will automatically win and the cheater will lose instantly.

Victory in Chinese poker itself is more familiarly known as Scoops, so Scooping refers to total victory. Then Chinese poker online is a type of bet that is very regulated.

This means you can’t just cheat, if it’s indicated like that, it’s clear the culprit will automatically accept defeat and the opponent wins. In fact, this fouled rule also applies when you play betting poker.

For players who really want to focus on making profits from this market, of course a fouled hand is an action that is strictly avoided. While scooping will always be their goal, because of the amount of bonus that awaits.

Other Bonuses

Apart from scooping in this game you can also get other bonuses such as Strong Hand. Where to get this bonus you must have a set of four of a kind at the beginning, then a full house in the middle and three of a kind at the end.

If you are able to win with a set like that, your total profit will be multiplied, not only from the win, but also in terms of the bonus.

Dragon or 13 card Hands, gathering As to King is not easy. The bonus that is obtained in terms of points alone is very visible. Moreover, if the card type or color is the same, the value will explode even more.

Three of the same is the type of bonus that you will get when you have 3 flush or straight. The value is not that much different from the 13 or dragon card set.

Lastly no people or completing sets without inserting face cards like J, Q, K. This might be a type of bonus that is easier to get.

Training Ability is also Important

The concept is a little more complex to get a win, sometimes it requires a lot of practice for players. There are lots of capsa stacking games available on the internet, you can start practicing using free applications.

Or if you want to immediately feel the real atmosphere. You can bet using bets that are relatively not that big at first, for when you have mastered you can bet with big values.

Actually, it’s not just playing Chinese poker that you have to practice. Playing other types of bets also requires training when you want to continue to profit. Professional players who have pocketed big profits are still practicing. In order to always hone your logic and analytical skills while betting.

Play IDN Poker Capsa Susun Here

That’s information and a few tips when you want to play Chinese poker. To try it you can visit this link. There you can register yourself as well as make a deposit. With various types of deposits ranging from E-Wallet, Credit and Bank Transfers (Mobile Banking).

Play and feel a different tension when betting or playing Chinese poker. What’s more, if you look at the total profit you get when you win, in total you can definitely receive a very large profit.

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