How are stickers made?

Custom stickers can be produced from a variety of materials. It is possible to choose a custom white vinyl sticker or transparent vinyl with and without laminate. After the sheets have passed through the Mimaki printer, the sheets are set up for the plotter. This device ensures that the sticker has a unique shape. After all stickers have been provided with a unique shape, the sheets are cut to size. If you choose an adapted die, the plotter will make a cut that goes completely through the material. The stickers are printed from the sheets, after which the sticker is made to measure.

Different printing techniques of Stickers

Stickers are produced with professional technologies. The printing techniques offered are digital in full color, screen printing in PMS colors and foil printing in standard colors. Depending on the application, it is determined which printing technique suits your needs. All inks are UV resistant and have a color fastness that will not discolour in daylight. Ordering stickers offers the possibility to laminate. A protective layer is applied that is scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant. You can expect a good end product with all label types and especially large stickers.

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Sticker coating

A coating is a protective layer that ensures that the sticker has a longer life. The protective layer is also called a laminate and is applied to full color car stickers. Sticker laminate is scratch resistant and moisture resistant. The extra layer makes the sticker slightly thicker, making it a strong and solid sticker.

Full color stickers

Ordering stickers produces stickers in which little and much color occurs. A sticker with multiple colors such as with a logo or a photo is called a full color sticker. The colors are made up of four main colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black and digitally produced with the latest printers. With this professional equipment sticker with any desired color can be produced.
If you have a logo that is made up of PMS colors, it is better to opt for screen printing. With the screen printing technique, the colors are printed separately from each other. Each color has its unique number and is not made up of multiple colors. For a razor-sharp print with lots of color, choose digital full-color sticker printing.

Vinyl decals

Stickers can be printed on many different materials. The most common material is vinyl. Full color Vinyl stickers are available with different glues, colors and transparent. All types of vinyl can be printed with CMYK solvent inks.

When the vinyl passes through the prints, it is first heated so that the fabric opens up. The inks are then applied razor-sharp to the material, after which the material is quickly cooled so that the fabric closes again. The ink is UV resistant and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without discolouring. The material is weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

People can get their suitable type of sticker and they then get prepared accordingly!

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