How can Click4warranty help you find the best car warranty quote?

Getting the best car warranty quote is not at all difficult if you go along with online car warranty companies like Click4warranty that has to its credit a large share of the warranty market in the United Kingdom.   Dealing with a company like Click4warranty gives you the benefit of being serviced directly by the insurer for all car makes instead of going through brokers.

The obvious benefits of dealing directly with the insurer thus automatically passes on to you as you are much better placed to get the best warranty cover that is tailor made for your needs. The first and foremost benefit is the low cost of warranty as there are no intermediaries involved in the process of buying warranty and there is complete transparency in the dealings that gives a lot of confidence to customers.

Why so dependable?

More than a million policy holders have reposed their faith in Click4warranty as the company adopts fair business practices that add more value to the warranty which often exceeds customer expectations. The credentials of the company also add to its respectability as a warranty provider that works relentlessly to satisfy customer needs. The company is regulated and authorized by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which indicates its high level of trustworthiness. In addition, the warranties are backed by insurance provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which gives complete peace of mind as the protection is always guaranteed even if the company goes bust.

Fast quotes for all makes

Regardless of car makes, from Ford to Honda and BMW to Audi, the company offers warranty for all types of cars, new, use and leased, without considering the service history of the vehicle.  The company responds in less than a minute to enquiries as it can present a quote in just 30 seconds.

Special features of warranty cover

  • The warranty cover that you buy from Click4warranty ranks among the lowest in the market and has the special feature of providing cover for wear and tear as part of the package. If the reason for breakdown of the car is traced to wear and tear then also the warranty cover offers protection. And all this is made available at no extra cost.
  • High mileage drivers are wary of car warranties as they are charged more for buying warranties. But if you buy it from Click4warranty then you stand to gain as no extra charges are applicable on high mileage cars.
  • There is no restriction on annual mileage and you are free to cover as much distance as you want in a year. The policy is valid for a total distance of 150,000 miles.

Quick claims settlement

The process of lodging claims has been made very simple as it does not involve any documentation. Claims are accepted on phone and the settlement is done directly with the repairer so that you enjoy the benefit of not paying any cash at all.

Over and above the terms and conditions are well defined and clear leaving nothing to be read between the lines.

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