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How Do I Rent a House In Chennai

Is anybody looking for a house for rent in Chennai? If yes, you will find some simple ways to get a rental house soon in Chennai.

Chennai is the sixth highest populated city in the country with 11,503,000 people. Recently, Chennai has attracted 45% of health tourists, who visit India. Chennai has a dry climate for most of the time.  Chennai is 25.3% less expensive than Bangalore. Rental cost in Chennai is 36.55% cheaper than Bangalore.

This article talks about location, daily commute, rental expenses, upfront costs and other expenses incurred to get a rental house in Chennai.

Locality of Your Rental House

The location of your house for rent in Chennai should be based on the availability of your essential facilities. Without essential facilities, you should not move to a particular location. Your essential facilities include grocery, food, hospitals, school, college, office, gym, water, gas and electricity facilities.

Chennai is a huge city. So, choose your location near to your school, college and office. Travelling time is more. When you are travelling from one place to another location in Chennai. 

Daily Commute

Chennai has buses, metro trains and local trains to move from one place to another. Here, for local buses, no ticket is included for women. Local train costs are so low when compared to the metro and buses. People also afford metro trains when they want to reach their destination quickly. Metro railways have 41 stations with 2(operational) and 3 (under construction). 

Here, there are 3 local train stations namely chennai central sub-urban, park and park-town are the main local train stations wherever you want to go in and around Chennai. You should remember these 3 local train stations.

Rental Expenses in Chennai

The rental expenses in Chennai may change based on your budget and location. The below details provided here is approximate rates always clear with your landlord.

1BHK house rent-Rs 7500 to Rs12000

2BHK house rent-Rs 12000 to Rs25000

3BHK house rent-Rs30000 to Rs50000

4BHK house rent-Rs 45000 to Rs 75000

Leisure and Recreational Activities in Chennai

Chennai has so many tourist places to visit such as Marina beach, Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, valluvar kottam, light house, Santhome church, Vandalur zoological park, shops, malls, temples, mosques, churches, hotels, and Egmore museum to visit. Whenever you feel bored, you should visit these place to rejuvenate yourself.Chennai has so many historical and ancestral places to visit also.

Finalise Your Budget

You need to finalise your budget based on your salary or monthly income. You should plan 20 to 25% of your monthly income to spend on rent. You should not increase above that. You have other expenses like food, medical, dress etc., You don’t spend most of your monthly income for salary. You should prepare a budget for that before having a house for rent in Chennai.

Parking and Maintenance Cost

In flats and apartments, you should incur parking charges. Even if the landlord provides cleaners, you need to spend for cleaning and maintenance charges at villas, homes, flats and apartments. May be it costs around Rs1000 to Rs5000 only per month.

Rental Agreement

Rental agreement is the lease or contract agreement between the required landlord and the tenant with fixed period, terms, and conditions of the rental policy.

Rental agreement includes:

  • Security deposit
  • Monthly rent
  • Rental duration period
  • Damage or repair charges
  • Maintenance charges
  • Tenant rights
  • Landlord rights

Upfront Cost

Everytime you get a house for rent in Chennai, you need to do some upfront cost too. Without it, you cannot vacate new house in Chennai. Some upfront costs include:

  • Security deposit
  • Broker fees
  • Moving fees

Security Deposit

You should pay security deposit to the landlord, before renting a house in Chennai. It may be 3 months to 6 months of total rent as an advance payment. But the landlord always finalises the term of security deposit. Security deposits always deduct the amount, when you cannot pay monthly rent. So, the landlord can deduce security deposit.

Broker Fees

Broker fees is always minimum 1 month of rental payment. If you need a help from broker, you must pay some charges to him before renting a house in Chennai. Even, you directly searched homes, you don’t need to pay broker fees at all.

Moving Fees

You should take services from packers and movers based on your budget and location. Without them, you can’t vacate your house soon. They will help you from packing things, transport, and safety of your goods.


Rental house in Chennai is always budget-friendly. Because, whatever income level you are, you can get a rental house in Chennai easily. It is a place for different professional people. People come to this place to look for job opportunities, so there is an increased demand for renting houses in Chennai near IT and industrial areas. 

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