How Do You Convert a PDF to an Editable PDF?

How Do You Convert a PDF to an Editable PDF?

PDF converters do not only perform the function of changing PDF files into other file formats, and vice-versa. They can also be used to help users edit their PDF documents. Once a PDF file has been converted into a different file type, users can then open the file in a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to make necessary changes to the document. These changes only apply to the text in a PDF. Other elements like the layout, format, and images can only be changed with a specific PDF editor. The process of converting a PDF into an editable document is not hard and this article will outline the many ways it is possible to do so.

How Do I Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form?

Converting a PDF into a fillable form is not possible without the Adobe Acrobat suite of software. The reason is that the function is so specialized and requires more advanced processing power than other online PDF converters have. There are some online PDF converters and editors that let users scan or upload their documents to the service’s server to then perform any number of functions.

Those types of features are paid, however, and if users are going to pay to use a PDF converter they might as well get the best one available, which is Adobe. Adobe lets users either scan or upload their files to the browser. After it has been uploaded or scanned, users can then choose several options to turn the file into a fillable form.

They can choose the Prepare Form option from the Tools menu to open up other editing options. From this menu, they can choose to add new forms fields or remove them, but the program also does this automatically after the file has been uploaded. After performing all the necessary changes, users can then save their new PDF file or send it off to another user.

 The Tools to Convert a PDF

There are several online tools available to users to help them convert files into PDFs or the other way around. These tools range from being free-to-use, while others are paid sites but that also come with several other important PDF editing and manipulation features. The following is a shortlist of the document to PDF converters online.

Google Docs 

Google Docs is part of the wider Google Workspace that has become one of the most widely used document creation programs. Google Docs can perform simple PDF functions like viewing and editing, but the latter can only be done if users do the following:

  • Save or upload a PDF file to a Google Drive account
  • Once the file has been saved or uploaded, choose “Open With Google Docs”
  • When the file opens it will be as a new Google Docs document

Once the file has been converted to a Google Docs file, users can then edit the text in the document any way they like. The only problem is that any graphic design elements, photos, images, charts, etc. will not be converted into the new doc and will be lost. Users can, however, make changes to the text and then save it, export it or Print the new document as a PDF to create a new file.

Lumin PDF 

Lumin PDF is both a web-based and downloadable program that aims to make editing and altering PDFs much simpler. The tool comes available to try online for free, while also offering paid monthly and yearly subscriptions for full access to all the program’s PDF tools.

Users can choose to add, remove or edit text, leave comments and annotations, as well as sync up their cloud-based storage service to Lumin so all changes are automatically saved. With the syncing feature, users can send their PDF files to other users and collaborate in real-time to make changes to the file.

Lumin PDF also offers users conversion and compression features. Users can upload their files through the Lumin browser’s Convert feature and then select from any number of different file formats from Word to Excel to PowerPoint to change their files to perform quick file conversion. Lumin also has a large database of different premade PDF templates that users can edit and convert as they see fit.


SmallPDF is another all-around online PDF editing, converting, and compression tool that comprises several different PDF tools as well. One of the program’s most prominent features is its conversion tool that lets users upload their files on the company’s servers to then convert that file into several different options.

The process for converting files is an easy one. Users need only upload their file from their local or cloud-based drive and then open the file in the browser. Users can also drag and drop their file into the program’s browser to upload it that way. Once the file has been uploaded, SmallPDF provides several file types for easy conversions, from Word and Excel files to JPGs and GIFs.

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