How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

From relief in sweltering afternoons to tanks of War and newer vessels carrying trade supplies, Air Conditioning has been imperative to our civil evolution and very essential in stepping up our game. Modern cooling has commendably developed through and through, be it transforming massive computers into tiny gizmo chips and phones and tablets to providing simpler solutions to cumbersome and strange house-cooling ways.

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The Working of an AC

Americans like to address the invention of economical air conditioners, as the next best thing after sliced bread, reasonably enough, its working is miraculously efficient and a truly wonderful thing of science. Even in India, it has become a part and parcel of our lives. An air conditioner doesn’t really push cool air inside, it just ‘absorbs’ the heat and sends it out of the room, further circulating the cooler air inside. It would make sense to say that an air-conditioner, depending on its modes

  • can control the air-quality (pollen/ dust/ allergen-free),
  • air humidity,
  • coolness/ dryness, as well as
  • the air current/ flow allowed inside.

A simplistic overview of the mechanism is the cold side and hot side of the air-conditioning system. The cold side is the one inside the home which works in tandem with the hot side that sits outside. The air-conditioner has three elements of primary importance,

  • the compressor,
  • the condenser coil,
  • the evaporator coil

A refrigerant is a chemical used by air-conditioners that changes its state of matter, through phase changing processes and temperature and pressure conditions allowed by the compressor, evaporator and condenser. It is used to absorb the heat inside the home. The compressor raises the temperature and pressure, causing the refrigerant to move into the condenser coil in its gaseous state, and is cooled there into liquid and sent over the evaporator coil indoors.

The fan speed that we can often alter, sweeps in the warm air of the room and the refrigerant that is now again evaporating and cooling this coil, absorbs the warm air in it. The air-conditioner further helps to circulate the cool air inside the room, and the heated gas refrigerant is sent outside. After this, the refrigerant is cooled again and is ready for another round of similar events till the desired air temperature of the room is attained.

● Central Air/ Split AC:

Central air-conditioners or Split ACs work slightly differently because of all the ductwork involved. There is a thermostat that being temperature-sensitive and centrally located, keeps the temperature of the room in check. It sets both the ‘cold side’ and the ‘hot side’ working. The duct network inside the house allows the cool air to circulate in all the living places and back to the indoor unit. Copper tubing inside the air- conditioner allows the refrigerant to move in and out of the hot and cold sides.

● Ductless AC:

These ACs work well for target-specific places, or rooms, it blows air, has the same two systems but lacks a duct network. Unlike duct/ centrally fixed ACs, walls aren’t fitted with tubes, hence the installation is much simpler and it provides non-invasive ventilation.


There are plenty of companies that provide, install, commission and maintain ACs that can be hired, temporarily, for various purposes, in corporate events, exams, student stays, exhibitions, marriages, receptions, and movie and television shootings. Many companies pioneer these AC rental services in Hyderabad. AC rentals in Navi Mumbai and other such key places of the country, are available too and provide for the increasing and steady market of AC rental services.

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