How Grekkon became the largest irrigation supplier in Kenya

Grekkon Limited is a water and allied technology company with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The company’s main operations are mainly: supply and installation of all irrigation systems, dam liner installations, greenhouse construction, water pumps supplies, borehole drilling among others. From humble beginnings and with a good branch network, Grekkon Limited is now the largest irrigation systems company in Kenya.

The idea about starting an irrigation company was conceptualized in 2013, when the current directors noticed a gap that existed in the sector. At that time,  rainfall patterns started becoming unpredictable with massive crop failures witnessed by small holder farmers in Kenya. The few companies that existed mainly supplied irrigation materials to the large farms who cultivated vegetables and cut flowers for export. These companies also charged high on the irrigation equipments, making them unavailable to the common farmer.

These gaps were finally filled in early 2017 when the current directors found Grekkon Limited whose slogan is ‘’irrigating your farm to life’’. The company was thus founded to bring irrigation technologies closer to the ordinary farmer, something that no other irrigation company had managed.

The company then embarked on intense farmer trainings through field days, especially in the rural areas, a feat that no other irrigation company had ever achieved. Technology uptake increased tremendously towards the end of its first year of operation. Grekkon Limited also managed to offer its products at pocket friendly prices which increased product uptake.

Late in the first year, upcountry product uptake started surging and working from Nairobi was becoming a nightmare. The first upcountry branch was then launched to bring services closer to the farmers. This was the first ever irrigation company in Kenya outside Nairobi. Over the 4 years of operation, Grekkon has managed to open 6 fully fledged irrigation outlets in Kenya complete with technical and sales team. They conduct regular farmer visits for trainings, installations and advice. No other irrigation company has been able to achieve this.

Towards the end of 2019, the company achieved another milestone when it opened the first ever irrigation online shop in Kenya, just before the onset of covid 19 pandemic. Here, farmers are able to browse and select their product of choice, make payments then have them delivered to the nearest courier at subsidized prices. Grekkon online irrigation shop is currently the largest in East Africa with the highest active engagements.

The company also engages farmers through its social media platforms, mainly facebook, twitter, youtube and linkedin. Here, new updates are shared on regular basis on new installations, knowledge etc. Grekkon Limited social media engagements have attracted youthful farmers and thus broken the tradition norm that farming is not just for the old.

Grekkon Limited also pioneered the introduction of rain hose, an irrigation system where water sprinkles out through laser punched holes. The irrigation has now become very popular with vegetable farmers.

A dedicated and well trained staff is also another reason why Grekkon scores high in this field. The company carries out regular refresher courses to tackle new challenges and serve farmers well. The company is keen on listening on its employees which keeps them motivated.

Grekkon is committed to pioneer new innovations and no wonder it is the largest irrigation company in Kenya

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