How to buy purple medical gloves?

Nitrile gloves have rapidly grown in demand as more and more people notice the benefits offered by this relatively new material. But are all nitrile gloves the same? If you have searched for them at a medical or dental supplies online store, you have probably noticed that there are different colors, measurements and models. If you work at a dentist office, you must be sure to receive a trustworthy, continuous supply of disposable gloves. There are many reasons why to choose nitrile gloves over other available options in the market, these provide you with enough durability, flexibility and resistance against tears, keeping yourself and your patients safe at work. This article aims to provide you with very important insights when it comes to making a wise purchase.

Places where you can find them

If this is your first time buying purple disposable nitrile gloves, it is important to keep in mind that while it might be easy to find them, you need to read the features, so you can be sure that you will receive a product according to your needs, in terms of safety and quality. In the list below, we help you out with some ideas of places to make your purchase:

  • Retail stores: You can easily find them at many supermarkets if they have them on stock.
  • Pharmacies: You can take a look at your local drug store, while these will be more expensive compared to a bulk online purchase, it is a good idea to compare between brands and models.
  • Online websites: There are plenty of suppliers on the internet, once you know which type of purple gloves you want to have, you can go ahead and place your bulk order.

Purpose of colors

These versatile items are available in almost any color you can think of. Contrary to what many people might think, the pigmentation of the nitrile gloves does not change the performance of the product, features like durability, protection capability and strength are all the same since those characteristics are solely linked to the manufacturing process of the gloves. For a long time, the standard color of this product was a shade of blue as a way to identify them as non-latex material, since there are people with allergy to this component. However, nowadays we can find different colors only as a way to satisfy customer’s preferences. Such is the case for some medical care facilities that want to coordinate each area of the place with a different color, avoiding cross contamination and accidents. So, in this case the color serves as a code.

An interesting function

Probably one of the greatest applications of purple items is the use of different colored nitrile gloves used along, this helps dentist professionals to identify any tear or failure in the gloves. For example, using a purple glove under a gray glove helps a care professional to realize when the gray glove (the one in contact with the patient and surfaces) has suffered damage, since the purple glove will become visible.


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