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How To Change Airpod Name

Do you use Airpods? These are accessories that you may want to personalize. Naming the Airpod is one of the most effective ways to personalize. The name of the Airpod will reflect the owner’s name. If you want to claim the ownership of the accessory, you have to name it by default the new pair of Airpods are not named. The process can be performed by you at any time.

If you want to change or rename the Airpods, you just have to follow the basic tricks and tips mentioned here in the content. The name change process will change the “display name” of the airport device. 

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Customizing the Airpods

Changing a name is one method that you can use to personalize the airport you own. One of the other ways to personalize is to “double-tap” the gesture option. The rename tips and tricks can be applied to all types of Airpod devices – Max and Pro.

Once you have named the Airpods you may not have to struggle to locate them on the Bluetooth device. The Airpods will appear by your name when sharing them or connecting them via Bluetooth. This simplifies the process to locate the Airpod device on your device.

It also makes the process of locating the Airpods to pair on any other device. It is exciting to locate Airpods that carry your name with them. For your friends, it can be a unique experience.

The process to set up the Airpods in your name

 The process is not difficult and anyone can perform it. You have to carefully read the process and steps listed here below in the content.

1.Open the Settings Menu

If you have been using the iPhone for a longer time, you are aware of the location of the “setting” menu. You can also change the name of the Airpods when using them on the IOS device. Once you have located the “settings” menu you will have to access the “Bluetooth” tab.

2.Tab the Airpods option

The Bluetooth option is located under the settings menu. You have to select the expand option for the Bluetooth menu. The other contents of the menu will be displayed on the device screen. Here you have to search for the “Airpods” option.

The option is located at the top of the menu. The option has a toggle button. You have to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device.

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3.Click the pre-listing tab

The airpod display that you see under the pro-listing option will carry its default name. This is usually identified as the Airpod device. The name of the default user is displayed on the top corner of the menu. This is the current name that identifies the Airpod.

4.Enter a new name

The tab will open up into the “type box” where you will have to enter the new name for the Airpod device. You can enter any name if you want to personalize it, then you have to use your name. You can also nickname the Airpod device.

After the new name is entered you can click the “Done” option.


After the name is changed you can now try pairing with the device now you should be able to locate the Airpod by its new name. You can see the new name displayed on the screen you can directly pair the Airpod device.

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