How to check the freezing level of the freezer

To know the efficiency of food preservation, the freezers are equipped with a star system, the more stars there are, the lower the freezing temperature (from -6°C to -18°C) and more long you can freeze your food. Below is an indicative table:

* – 6° Up to 2-3 days

** – 12° Up to 4 weeks

*** – 18° Until the optimal date

**** – 18° Allows for ตู้แช่ freezing of fresh products and keeping them for up to 12 months according to the maximum duration recommended for each refrigerator options.

To choose your refrigerator with even more granularity, you can opt for very specific options that will offer you maximum comfort and optimal conservation.


It’s always nice and practical to have specific bins and storage for your food. Egg racks, bottle racks, vegetable drawers, door compartments, shelves… these spaces are as useful as they are essential, especially for fridges using static cold because it does not distribute the cold well. The elements must be arranged according to their nature. The most fragile foodstuffs are at the bottom and the rest above.

Fresh container

Recent years have also seen the appearance of fresh containers with humidity control. The temperature and humidity of this tray are managed independently of the temperature of the fridge. The preservation of meat and vegetables is extended by several days.

Water and ice dispensers

Long reserved for luxury refrigerators, water, and ice dispensers are increasingly present on American-style refrigerators. The advantage of these dispensers is to have cold water or ice cubes for your drinks at hand without having to think beforehand about putting water in the fridge or filling ice containers. For the water distributor, two techniques exist a connection to a water supply or a tank to be pre-filled.

Super freezing and super cooling

The super freezing or super freeze, behind these superlatives, is in fact just a system allowing rapid freezing of food in quantity and in a short time. The principle is based on a lowering of the temperature a few hours in advance and a return to a temperature a few hours later. Super cooling, on the other hand, is rapid cooling, it allows the temperature of the fridge to be lowered quickly over a given time in order to optimally cool a particular food.


The fridge thermostat is either inside, in the form of a mechanical wheel for the most standard models, or outside in the form of a digital screen for the most modern ตู้แช่เย็น refrigerators such as connected fridges. The advantage of the external thermostat with the digital screen is that the reading of the current temperature is easily achievable and above all it can be changed in a jiffy without having to open the fridge door. Some advanced models have adjustable temperature zones. The possibility is given to you to assign a particular temperature to a given zone.

Door alarm

To prevent the deterioration of your food present in the refrigerator or the freezer, a door alarm system is sometimes available on certain models. If you close the door incorrectly, it engages to alert you to a problem. Ideal to avoid temperature rises in the fridge.

Reversible door

The reversible door option is particularly interesting depending on the location you give your fridge. You can then choose to open the door on the left or on the right!

Automatic defrost

For refrigerator-freezers that do not have full No-Frost technology, it can be very comfortable and practical to have an economical automatic defrost.


Fridge autonomy is an indicator of how long your fridge can run normally after a power outage as long as the door has not been opened. The longer the time frame, the better. Moreover, the most advanced models can have an autonomy of 48 hours!

The “holiday” function

The “holiday” function is an interesting option because, during your prolonged absences, it allows you to keep food in the freezer and to ensure minimum service of the refrigerator function by increasing the temperature of this part to 15°C. As a result, electricity consumption is lower and it is no longer essential for you to unplug your fridge each time you go on vacation.

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