food is best suited There’s not a single dog parent in the world who wouldn’t want what’s best for their little four-legged child. Most of us are constantly looking for the top new products for our fur babies as we only want what’s best for them. I know I would literally stay up countless nights just researching different products in order to decide which one would be worthy of being tasted by my dogs. And honestly, it can be really stressful sometimes, especially with dog food. There are countless dog food products in the market and I know I get really dizzy just scrolling past each one. After a couple of trials and errors, I’ve come up with a checklist that you should consider when trying to choose the best dog food for your dog.


Probably the most important thing to consider is the formulation. The best dog food probably will not have a lot of fillers. Fillers are basically extra ingredients that shouldn’t be there but are in order to save the company a couple of bucks. You should make sure that the main ingredient is some sort of protein like chicken, beef, or fish. And this needs to make up at least 30% of the composition of the dog food. If not, there are probably a lot of fillers that won’t be too healthy for your fur baby.


Most people don’t know this but the breed of your dog does matter when choosing the best dog food. This is because certain breeds have special needs which require a special diet. A dog breed that is known to have weak joints may require a dog food that has joint supplements. Similarly, a dog breed that is known to have a really long and thick coat may require a dog food that has hair supplements to keep it healthy. This is why it is important to always make sure your dog’s to your dog’s breed.


In the 21st century, it is just as important for a brand to be socially responsible as it is important for them to produce good products. I know if I had to choose between a brand that provides good working conditions to its employees and a brand that doesn’t, I’ll definitely choose the one with the good working conditions. I’d also prefer the brand that doesn’t perform inhumane testing on animals. The best dog food for me would be the one with a good work ethic.


You should always read what others are saying about potential dog food that you’re thinking of getting. The best dog food would be the one with perfect reviews where the dogs are loving it and the owners are pleased too. You should never rely on just what the brand is saying as they could be making stuff up just to get you to buy their product. Most importantly, you should be able to tell the fake reviews from the real ones as oftentimes, a brand does pay people to put out fake good reviews.


Probably the most important criteria in your search for the best dog food is if your dog actually likes it. There is no point in doing extensive research to bring home the perfect dog food just to have your dog not even go near it. Having their approval is key in choosing any dog food.

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