How to Find the Most Suitable and Best Soundbar in India?

Thick television sets which do not look so aesthetic are becoming history nowadays. This reinforces the need for thinner TV sets, the popularity of which has increased manifold in modern-day homes. But these thin TVs are unable to carry great sound systems due to their sizes at a time when these sound systems are necessary to add incredible sounding effects to the whole setup. Thus, the need for soundbars is more than ever as they do not only add physical beauty to the setup but also help you solve the audio problems. If you find the best soundbar in India, you will see that it will solve most of your sound worries, which will eventually help you have a decorative set up at your place.

Three Types of Soundbars

With a wide variety of sound systems available, you have to ensure that you are getting the best soundbar in India. Here we will talk about the three types of most popular soundbars:

  • Soundbars 2.0

Soundbar 2.0 is the older form of wireless soundbars compared to other types. Thus, they come with two channels: one on the left and the second on the right. So, a soundbar 2.0 does not come with any subwoofer. Just like the nomenclature shows, the first digit from the left depicts the number of speakers present in a soundbar, and the digit after the decimal shows how many subwoofers come alongside it. In the case of soundbar 2.0, two speakers are set up on each side of your TV.

  • Features: 

The primary benefit of soundbar 2.0 is its lower price range compared to other soundbars. When you are finding the best soundbar in India at an affordable price and do not have too many exorbitant needs, soundbar 2.0 plays a critical role.

  • Soundbar 2.1

This is the most common wireless soundbar present in the entire market as they come alongside a woofer which increases the quality of the sound up to a great extent. As shown by its name, there are two speakers present in these soundbars and one subwoofer that can either be present inside the bar or come as an external gadget.

  • Features: 

If you are looking for the best soundbar in India that is a significant upgrade from traditional TV speakers but also does not incorporate too many fancy features, soundbar 2.1 is the way to go. This is the reason why most people prefer this gadget and do not bother to go for either extreme.

While soundbars 2.1 comes up with Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity features, you can also connect these devices with the help of HDMI. The added subwoofer can be placed anywhere because it is not directional transmission. Compared to soundbar 5.1, these systems are easy to connect, as they have fewer external speakers.

  • Soundbar 5.1

As the name suggests, soundbar 5.1 comes up with five speakers and one subwoofer. Three of these five speakers are embedded in the bar itself, while two comes alongside the bar more often than not. Apart from that, you also get a separate sound woofer, just like in the case of soundbar 2.1.

  • Features

Among all the wireless soundbars present in the market at the moment, version 5.1 provides the richest sound experience. However, it can be costly considering the number of speakers present in it.

You can experiment with the placement of external speakers in the case of soundbars 5.1, as they come with two extra speakers. This will give you more room to decide the best sound pattern for your environment.

Suitable Buyers for Each Type of Soundbars

  • Soundbar 2.0

Newbies who are just starting in the soundbars and do not have any fancy needs can opt for soundbars 2.0. Some people do not care too much about the quality of the sound, as all they need is to have a bar that is capable of doing basic functions. For them, the best soundbar in India would be a basic level soundbar 2.0.

  • Soundbar 2.1

As this is the most commonly used soundbar available in the market, the consumer share of these soundbars is also higher compared to other soundbars. Thus 2.1 is the best soundbar in India for those who are looking for a mix of good quality and an affordable price. Whether you are looking for a TV set for a bar or for your home, soundbar 2.1 can be a great fit at most places. An upper-quality 2.1 soundbar is capable enough to even compete with the 5.1 version. Thus, this soundbar has a huge market considering the affordability of the price and the quality it has to offer.

  • Soundbar 5.1

The best soundbar in India at an upper price range is the 5.1 version, as it feeds decorative sound needs. Most of the time, these gadgets are demanded by high-end users, who never compromise on the quality of sound. For instance, restaurant owners or public places organizers who have a large audience usually use these soundbars. Similarly, some tech-savvy homeowners who believe in excellence also use this technology.

In conclusion, soundbar 2.1 is the most common choice in India for its good sound effect at a relatively moderate price.

Where Do You Get Beneficial 2.1 Soundbars?

TCL brings you two beneficial 2.1 soundbars: TS6110 and TS3015, which can easily be the best soundbar in India at the moment. 

With 850mm in length, TS3015 can provide maximum audio power of 180W. While the subwoofer included in this bar is wireless, the soundbar itself can be connected with both wired and wireless technology. It comes with a one-year warranty and promises you an incredible sounding journey that would change the way you used to get sound from your TV. The major advantages you can benefit from are:

  • 180W Power Output (RMS)
  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • 10m wireless range
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth

Similarly, TS6110 is an equally good product, but it also has 240 W maximum audio power. Its slim and sleek design attracts buyers the most, not to mention that Dolby technology adds a cherry at the top of the cake for this TCL soundbar.

  • Dolby Audio
  • 240W maximum audio power
  • Wall mounting
  • Multiple inputs: HDMI/3.5mm Audio/USB


Soundbar 2.1 is the most cost-effective set you can get in India. To enjoy watching TV with an immersive viewing experience or dancing with the companion of music, you need to find a high-quality wireless soundbar TCL offers.

TCL is striving for excellence in electronics across the globe. Founded in 1981, they are now serving more than 160 countries worldwide and have 22 manufacturing facilities and 28 R&D centers where the foundation stones of excellence are being laid. Therefore, you can put your trust in them and start your journey with TCL soundbars!

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