How to Follow Your Favourite Sports with Alexa

If you are a sports fan, Alexa can be a lifesaver. Whether you want to know about the score of an ongoing match without having to turn on the TV or you simply want to find out about a date of a future match without having to sift through the news, you can do all this with Alexa. Various sports broadcasters have been using Alexa to their advantage to find out all that they need to know about their favourite sports.


If you are a fan of the NBA, you can catch all the video highlights on Alexa devices that come with screens. All you need to do is simply call out to Alexa and say ‘Alexa, play the NBA highlights’, and Alexa will be at your service.

It is easy to stay on top of the latest news on your favourite sports team by creating the sports update. To activate this update, you will need to go on the Alexa app and click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sports update’. Search for your favourite team to add it to your teams. Once this is set up, you will simply have to say, ‘Alexa, what’s my sports update?’.

If you own an Echo Show or an Echo Spot, you will also be able to add sports scores to the home screen by telling Alexa, ‘Alexa, show sports scores on my home screen’.

IPL 2021

Cricket fans need not fret as Alexa will keep you well updated. Amazon introduced new ways in which users can interact on Echo, Fire TV, and Alexa-enabled smart devices to stay updated with any recent IPL action. The new additions include Daily Cricket Trivia, Match Updates, Cricket News, Match Notifications, and a “Cheer for Your Team” option.

Alexa users can now benefit from daily quizzes with the chance to win points and place you on a leaderboard. To activate this function, you will need to ask Alexa to ‘Open Daily Cricket Trivia’. For match predictions, a simple ‘Alexa, who will win the match today’ will do! Although Alexa can provide match predictions, if we look at bet365 cricket betting coverage, we will see that they have a wide range of IPL betting odds every season, with odds for every match and a host of pre-tournament cricket rates too.

For match updates, simply ask ‘Alexa, give me the latest cricket commentary’ and you can even get into more detail by asking for the score or which teams will be playing on the next day.

To stay updated on all IPL news throughout the season, you will simply need to ask Alexa to give you cricket news. You can even set reminders for important matches, and she will take care to notify you on time.


When it comes to football, Alexa can also help you stay on track with the latest news and matches. Whether you have the Echo Dot or the Echo Show with a screen, you can check the latest stats or find out when a particular game is on.

Alexa can check the score of the game, find out when the next match will be held, monitor your team, and get the game day forecast. You can even play football trivia on Alexa. All that you need to know about the game and any football updates, are at the touch of your fingertips.

Alexa is becoming a sports-fan’s best friend and the relationship can only grow stronger from here.

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