How To Get Into Eton College

Britain is a place of royals, and their history of education, culture, and etiquette has been world-class for ages. Many well-known and mass-loved people came from British origin, and most of the credit goes to a very intimate and realistic education system. Eton College is one of the oldest and most trusted educational institutions in Britain to this day. So, if you are wondering how to get into Eton college  then the article will be helpful for you.

History of Eton

Eton has always been the school for the royals since the beginning. King Henry the sixth established Eton school and admitted sixty poor students without fees to offer the king’s scholarship. Following this, Eton became the eye of the British educational system. Since 1440, Eton has been educating the crème de la crème  of society.

Admission history

As we already mentioned, Eton was a Royal school before, and only children from Royal families could enter or afford Eton’s fees. But, nowadays, Eton came out of its aristocracy and focuses more on the talent of any potential candidate. Eton has offered nineteen British prime ministers, famous artists, Bureaucrats, and many successful business magnets in the last few years.


Eton school started with only sixty or seventy students, and today it offers world-class education on its Berkshire Institute to thirteen hundred pupils each year. Every student must undergo an extensive screening process where the school disciplinary committee checks for brilliance and skills.


Eton is not very affordable for most ordinary people. Still, if you think about the future benefits and qualities you can achieve through Eton, then the investment is indeed worth it. A candidate has to pay roughly thirteen thousand British pounds for each semester, and the registration fee is three hundred and twenty pounds only. It is only a rough estimation, and you may have to pay absentee fees, yearly improvement fees, disciplinary fees, and such to continue your session.

If Eton is Right for you?

If you want to do something extraordinary to impact and change the world for the best, then Eton is for you. Here the most efficient teachers do not teach you trigonometry or arts only. At Eton College, you get a broad and realistic perspective of the outer world. So, when you complete your studies, opportunities open up for you in incredible ways.


Eton is a great place for networking and future opportunities. About one hundred and fifty students reportedly get into Oxford, Cambridge, or reputed Ivy League /Russell Group universities after finishing their education from Eton college. So, let us get to know how to get into Eton quickly.

Application process

Some British schools allow the parents to register their child for schooling and pre-schooling upon birth. Eton also offers the opportunity, so you can sign your child up for admission many years in advance. Your child will then be expected to sit admissions exams and tests at thirteen or sixteen years of age.

Thirteen years old

Some claim that is relatively easier to pass, and the acceptance rate is believed to be higher. Here, you have to complete the application process at least in June, the year before admission. Also, you have to submit the admission letter from your previous school. Your teacher must describe your school performance, participation, and behaviour.

Regardless of whether your child prepares for entry at thirteen or sixteen, they should focus on improving their academic ability, skills and potential in order to maximise their chances of receiving an offer from this prestigious and globally recognised school. For more information and resources on Eton preparation, visit  the experts at

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